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Committee Guidelines

Lindgren Award Committee


The purpose of the Lindgren Award Committee is to identify, in accordance with the guidelines governing the award, outstanding young researchers in economic geology and recommend them to the Council for recognition.

Composition and Term

The Lindgren Award Committee consists of six members, including a Chair, each to serve for three years. Two new members are appointed each year.


The Committee annually solicits and receives nominations from the Society membership for potential recipients of the Waldemar Lindgren Award. Committee members who provide nominations must delcare that they are free from any conflicts of interest. The Committee reviews and evaluates the nominations, verifies that nominees meet the age eligibility requirement, ranks the nominations, and reports its recommendations to the Council for selection.

Critical Dates/Schedules

The Committee should announce the call for Lindgren Award nominees in the April issue of the SEG Newsletter with the request that nominations be forwarded to the chair of the Committee by August 31. The call may be repeated in subsequent Newsletters and/or e-mail broadcasts. The ranked list of nominees (at least two), plus supporting documentation, should be sent by the Committee Chair to the SEG Executive Director by September 15 of the year in which the award is to be made. The Executive Director will arrange for review and selection by the Council.

After the awardee is selected by the Council, the awardee and the Committee Chair shall be notified by the Society President and invited to a Society meeting to receive the honor. A citationist, who plans to attend the meeting, shall be selected by the Awardee. Direct expenses for the awardee’s attendance at the meeting at which the award will be presented will be reimbursed by the Society. The awardee should contact the Executive Director regarding travel arrangements and expense reimbursement.

In the event that the awardee is not a member of the Society, the Committee Chair should ensure that an application for Fellowship is completed by the awardee and forwarded to the Executive Director as soon as possible after selection is completed.

Relationship to SEG Council, Other SEG Committees, and Other Organizations

The preceding Chair of the Committee should be contacted to request a copy of the previous report to the Council, plus copies of documentation for eligible nominees who were not nominated.

Specific Functions of The Chair

The Chair is responsible for timely placement of the announcement(s) calling for nominations for the award, for verifying the age eligibility of nominees, for ensuring that recommendations and supporting documentation are adequate and complete, and that the recommendations are forwarded to the Executive Director no later than the deadline date specified in these guidelines.

Documentation to Accompany Lindgren Award Nominations

The outline that follows lists the information needed by the Committee for its evaluation of nominees and provides a uniform basis for consideration of all nominees.

  1. Name
  2. Date and location of birth
  3. Education
  4. Professional affiliations
  5. Reference citation(s) to publication(s) for which award is to be made (star critical papers) and provide reprints, if possible, and other published works. An individual’s contribution in coauthored papers is difficult to evaluate; such papers should be avoided unless the nominee is clearly a senior author whose contribution can be clearly identified.
  6. Brief statement explaining the significance of the research, to include its pertinence to economic geology, its demonstrated effects, the originality and creativity shown in the research, the clarity of presentation, and its impact on scientific theory or technology.
  7. Additional pertinent or related scientific contributions such as other accomplishments, advisory or consultant activities, and recognition of research stature elsewhere by others.