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Program Committee

General Guidelines

Committee Purpose

The Program Committee (PC) shall advise the Council as to programming in which the Society, through its members, contributes to the advancement of the profession and the interests of the membership. The PC is responsible for developing a revolving three-year plan of Society activities and for maintaining a close liaison with the coordinators for the various Society meetings and activities.

Committee Composition and Term

The PC shall consist of the Past Vice President, the Vice President (Secretary), the Vice President-Elect, the Field Trip/Field Training Course Coordinator, Short Course/Workshop Coordinator and all Meeting Coordinators. Each Coordinator, nominated by the Committee on Committees and ratified by Council, serves a two-year term from the time of selection through the completion of his/her program. The Past Vice President shall serve as Chair of the PC. The Executive Director and Vice President for Regional Affairs shall be ex officio voting members of the PC.

The Vice President, Vice President-Elect, Past Vice President, and Vice President for Regional Affairs shall comprise a steering committee for the PC, to screen proposals for new programs, and to present selected recommendations to the full PC for discussion and action. The Program Steering Committee shall have discretionary authority over allocation of funding for small-scale program initiatives but must coordinate closely with the Executive Director.

Program Committee Chair Guidelines and Responsibilities

  • The Past Vice President is the Chair of the PC and presides over the PC activities and two annual PC meetings. By the time the Past Vice President becomes the Chair, this individual should have attended PC meetings for two years and in one of those years have served as Secretary to the PC.

Program Committee Member Guidelines and Responsibilities

  • The Vice President (PC Secretary) is responsible for providing guidance and introductory materials to incoming Meeting Coordinators, e.g. in the case of meetings with other organizations (GSA, SME, etc.), the names and phone numbers of program coordinators for those organizations.
  • The Vice President-elect should attend all meetings of the committee in order to gain an understanding of how this committee operates. The Vice President-Elect shall support the Vice President in his/her role as secretary to the Program Committee and assist in the solicitation of new programs.
  • The PC is responsible for planning, coordinating, and scheduling SEG meetings, symposia, field trips, field conferences, short courses/workshops and other activities. The individual Field Trip/Field Training Course Coordinator, Short Course/Workshop Coordinator and all Meeting Coordinators are responsible for coordinating and executing these activities through the PC Chair and Executive Director.
  • Program Proposals: Members of the Committee are responsible for seeking, evaluating, and recommending proposed programs, field trips and conferences to Council for endorsement. The Vice President (Secretary) of the PC is responsible for promptly informing those people recommending programs of the disposition of their proposal.

    Requests for seed money and/or support for speakers are express requests, requiring specific PC recommendation. It is the charge of the PC to review proposals, make suggestions as necessary, and recommend the proposals to Council. This must be done in a way that those who propose elements of up-coming programs know clearly what is approved, what aspects or elements need changing, and by when the changes need to be made. The role of the PC is to identify potential problems, not to solve them. That is the job of the Meeting Coordinator. The Secretary of the PC will ensure that the minutes of the meetings reflect recommendations and suggested changes, dates by which these changes should be accomplished, and means for reporting completion.
  • Programs: The PC is responsible for assuring that all elements of program planning and actions by the Meeting Coordinators are appropriate and completed on time in keeping with Society program standards. The PC should ensure, through liaison with the Executive Director, that appropriate publicity is undertaken in a timely manner.
  • Planning: With the Executive Director, the PC is responsible for assuring that Society activities, including technical programs, co-sponsored events, short courses, field trips, field conferences, international activities, publications (relating to field trips, short courses, and conferences), and other activities and events are appropriate to the resources of the Society. The PC will closely coordinate its activities with the Publications Board and Student Affairs Committees by working directly through the Executive Director.
  • Outreach: The PC is responsible for maintaining close communications with those groups with which SEG holds meetings, e.g. GSA, GAC, MAC, SME, PDAC, NWMA, and others. The PC is responsible for maintaining close communication with the Vice President for Regional Affairs to identify the best themes and locations for events offshore and for identifying local SEG members and groups to implement the programs. Members of the PC, in close consultation with the Executive Director, are responsible for seeking and identifying program themes and venues.

Last revision: December 2002