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Oral History Videos


Established by Jeff Hedenquist and James Macdonald, this series aims to record life experiences of key figures in the field of economic geology. Please consider submitting your own video of an economic geologist of note for potential inclusion in this series. Go to guidelines for suggestions on preparing an Oral History Video interview.

Featured Video

Richard Sibson

Part 2: Fault Valves and Lode-Gold Veins: Canadian Examples

Richard Sibson is introduced to "mesothermal" gold-quartz veins of the Archean Abitibi belt in Canada by Howard Poulsen and François Robert. Discussion with beer led to the recognition that mineralized reverse faults would only reactivate at lithostatic fluid pressure. Field observations suggested episodic discharge of overpressured fluid near the seismogenic zone base, with sharp pressure decrease and phase separation causing gold deposition.

Shared: June 25, 2015

Recorded: October 29, 2013

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