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SEG Young Professionals is a committee created to promote participation in the Society by early career professionals through increased involvement in activities and events that bridge the gap between students and mid- to late-career professionals. The committee is responsible for advising the SEG Council on the concerns of early career professionals and assist with the implementation of proposed innovations and changes to the Society and Foundation programs to benefit both this group as well as senior students.

The committee shall consist of six to eight members, including a Chair, a Chair-Elect, and a Past-Chair position. The committee Chair is responsible for organizing and guiding the committee toward developing its annual agenda and achieving its goals.

Committee Purpose

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What is a Young Professional as defined by SEG?

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Function and goals for Committee for 2017

Promotion of SEG Beijing 2017 YPC Platform (in development)

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2017 Agenda items

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Committee members and regions represented

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Contact email dropbox for receiving communications

Photos of YPs in action

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Up-coming events (in development)

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SEG Young Professionals' Survey (January 19 - February 17, 2017)

All young professionals or recent newcomers to the industry are invited to participate in this anonymous survey and make their perspectives known.

The objective of this survey is to assist SEG in better understanding issues endemic to the exploration and mining industry that affect recent graduates and young professionals.

Not sure if you're a "young professional"?

Well, if you've been in the industry for less than 15 years there's a good chance you are and we'd really like to know your opinion. Newcomers from academia or other affiliations are also encouraged to participate!

Begin survey

This survey is completely anonymous and the results will be published within a future edition of the SEG Newsletter.