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SEG Education and Training Curriculum PDF.

The 2016 Committee

Laurence J. Robb (President-Elect and Chair)
Robert P. Foster (President)
François Robert (Past President)
Richard J. Goldfarb (Publications Board Chair)
William X. Chávez, Jr. (Field Trip Coordinator)
Elizabeth R. Sharman (Member-at-Large)
Roberto P. Xavier (Member-at-Large)
Brian G. Hoal (Executive Director) ex officio
Elizabeth Holley (Program Coordinator) ex officio

SEG Education and Training Curriculum

The Education and Training Committee, established in 2012, focuses on the SEG programs that provide opportunities to develop skills in mineral deposit geology and exploration. We have developed an array of workshops, short courses, and field trips to meet the needs of today's working professional, as well as students and those from other fields of geoscience who wish to delve further into the field of economic geology. Educational events are held worldwide throughout the year, but are typically most abundant at the annual SEG Conference. This year, the SEG 2016 Conference will take place in Çeşme, Turkey, from September 25-28, 2016.

The Education and Training Committee is an active body of volunteer professionals who encourage input from those sharing an interest in our field. Please contact us with your ideas for new courses and field trips or questions regarding the curriculum.

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