What if I do not know any Fellows in the Society to sponsor me for membership?

Please send in your application w/o the sponsor portion completed and we will make every attempt to find a sponsor for you.

If I am applying for student membership and I have a Fellow sponsor or my Department Head has signed the application form, do I still need to provide proof-of-enrollment documentation?


I am having trouble accessing Economic Geology through GSW; why can’t I download the articles?

Please refer to the GSW help section.

Why can’t I log into my SEG account even though I requested a new a password after being locked out?

If you are locked out of your SEG account, you must contact Member Services to unlock it before you can log in again.

Why am I getting a Dues Notice in September when I paid my dues in April?

SEG dues are based on the calendar year. If you joined in April, for example, then you will be billed in September for the following year.

I am 65 years old and retired. Do you offer reduced rates for senior citizens?

SEG does have a Senior Fellow member category for those members who have paid membership dues for 30 consecutive years and have reached the age of 70.

I was a member of SEG many years ago. Do I have to complete a new application form to reactivate my membership?

We request that you complete Sections I and III of the application form to provide SEG with your most current personal information and your payment information. You do not have to complete the sponsor portion (Section II).