Alberto Terrones L. Fund

In Memory of Alberto Terrones L.

The SEG Foundation recently received a generous gift from Richard V. and Anne Wyman, of Boulder City, Nevada, to establish the Alberto Terrones L. Fund. Terrones, a distinguished economic geologist, SEG Fellow and SEG Regional Vice President - North America, was born in Durango, Mexico. After receiving an M.Sc. degree in geology from the Universidad Nacional de Mexico, he came to the United States on a two-year Inter-American Trade scholarship, which permitted him to receive on-the-job training in mining geology at Pioche, Nevada, with American Metal Co., and at Butte, Montana, with The Anaconda Company. During this period he also worked with the U.S. Geological Survey at East Tintic, Utah. He then spent 10 years at Cerro de Pasco, Peru, first as a mine geologist, then as exploration chief. Upon returning to Mexico, he worked for the Cananea Consolidated Copper Company (prior to its Mexicanization) and then embarked on an illustrious career as an international consultant, specializing in Latin America. He was also general manager of exploration for Homestake Mining Company in Mexico. While Terrones was at Cerro de Pasco, Dick Wyman, following receipt of an M.Sc. degree from the University of Michigan and a short stint as a field geologist with New Jersey Zinc Co., joined the Cerro de Pasco mine geology staff, and thus began a life-long friendship and close professional association between the two. Wyman returned to the United States, established his own exploration company, and also earned a Ph.D. degree from the University of Arizona. He operated precious metal mines at Virginia City and Nelson, Nevada. Dick joined the faculty at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, specializing in economic geology, engineering geology and civil engineering. He is the author of numerous technical articles on precious metal and uranium geology, radioactive waste management and environmental geology. Anne Wyman was also a member of the UNLV faculty and taught geology and mineralogy. Both are now retired. Dick contacted me a few months ago, stating that he and Anne wanted to set up a fund to provide financial support to students from Latin American countries, especially Mexico and Peru, who would benefit from training in the United States or Canada. The Wymans, wishing to give something back to the profession that provided them with a lifetime of interesting work, have made an initial gift of $35,000 and a pledge of an additional $15,000 to be given later this year.

—Richard L. Nielsen (Former SEGF President) | SEG Newsletter, Number 54, July 2003.

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