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In Memory of Hugh E. McKinstry (1896–1961)

Hugh E. McKinstry
Hugh E. McKinstry

All but the very youngest Fellows and Members of the SEG no doubt remember well the late beloved Professor of Economic Geology at Harvard University—Dr. Hugh E. McKinstry. Dr. McKinstry was an enthusiastic and loyal member, and a Past President of the SEG. He believed strongly in our Society as a positive force in maintaining high professional standards and impeccable ethics in the science and profession of economic geology. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Farwell McKinstry, who for a number of years has been a resident of Tucson, Arizona. Elizabeth, throughout the years since Hugh's death, has kept in touch with a number of Hugh's former students (now prominent economic geologists in their own rights), his former colleagues, and the geology community in Tucson. Specifically, she has conferred frequently during the past decade with Tucson resident Ernest L. Ohle, the first recipient of the Ralph Marsden Award, and Past President, and current Trustee, of the Society of Economic Geologists Foundation (SEGF). This close association has resulted in an exciting announcement relating to the SEGF's Silver Anniversary Fund Drive. At this point, Ernie Ohle takes over the story:

A Most Welcome Flash Announcement!

Elizabeth Farwell McKinstry, widow of Hugh E. McKinstry, longtime Professor at Harvard, and President of the SEG in 1954, has established the Hugh E. McKinstry Fund, in support of Hugh's chosen profession, with an initial gift of $50,000 in stock to SEGF. The Foundation, SEG, and all economic geologists will benefit in perpetuity from this generous gift, for which we are most appreciative.

The terms, conditions, and purpose of establishing the Hugh E. McKinstry Fund began with the following statement: "Income from the Fund Is to be used in support of grants for study, research, and teaching of the science of economic geology, or for related projects. It is appropriate to remember that although Hugh McKinstry worked wholeheartedly for the advancement of economic geology, both as a profession and as a field for basic scientific study, he considered himself primarily a teacher, concerned with the development of continuing new generations of qualified and able economic geologists."

It is most heartening to have this new Fund in perpetuity to show the way in our effort to increase materially the size and scope of the SEGF's program and projects. We have high hopes of reporting more developments like this throughout the rest of this Silver Anniversary Year, and beyond. Don't forget that you, and/or the corporations and institutions that you are associated with, can also participate in this exciting to new leap into better things for economic geology.

—Donald L. Everhart (SEGF President) | SEG Newsletter, Number 7, October 1991.

Elizabeth Farewell McKinstry (1903–1998)

Hugh and Elizabeth McKinstry
Hugh and Elizabeth McKinstry

Elizabeth Farewell McKinstry, widow of Professor Hugh E. McKinstry of Harvard, and a loyal and generous friend of SEG, passed away in Tucson, Arizona, on August 1, 1998, at the age of 96. She had been in ill health for several years , Hugh McKinstry, the 1954 SEG President, died in 1961. At the time of Hugh's death, the obituary in the Harvard University Gazette described Elizabeth as a "a Colorado lady of charm and vitality with a venturesome spirit and great adaptability." These characteristics endeared her to many friends and particularly students of Hughs', who were her family, as she never had children.

Elizabeth maintained an intense loyalty to the science Hugh loved and to his old colleagues. In 1985 she revealed that she and Hugh intended to convey their estate to the SEGF. In 1991, she established the Hugh E. McKinstry Fund with the purpose of providing funding primarily for student aid for field and laboratory research in economic geology. This was the beginning of what is becoming an increasingly significant source of annual SEGF grants for student support.

All of those who were privileged to know Hugh and Elizabeth will be saddened to have lost this great couple who enriched so many lives, and in the years to come, hundreds of students will benefit from their generosity.

—E.L. Ohle | SEG Newsletter, Number 35, October 1998.

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