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SEGF (Society of Economic Geologists Foundation)

(To serve until December 31st of the current year)


Office and Term Name
President, 2014 Andrew T. Swarthout
Vice President, 2014 John E. Black
Secretary, 2014 Ruth A. Carraher


Year Name
2014 Rob L. Krcmarov, Mary L. Little, Peter K.M. Megaw
2015 William X. Chávez, Jr., Diane S. Nicolson, Andrew T. Swarthout
2016 Richard L. Bedell, John E. Black, G. Bradford Margeson
2017 Ruth A. Carraher, David L. Kelley, Stuart R. McCracken
2018 Mary E. Doherty, John E. Larson, Donald A. McIver

Ex Officio Members

Title Name
SEG Executive Director, ex officio
Brian G. Hoal
Past President William X. Chávez, Jr.
Treasurer, ex officio
Harold J. Noyes

SEGCF (Society of Economic Geologists Canada Foundation)


Title Name Company
President Gerald G. Carlson President and CEO | Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd.
Vice President Dean MacDonald Senior Vice President, Exploration | Hecla Mining Company
Treasurer Ian Walton Independent
Neil Adshead Investment Strategist | Sprott Asset Management LP
Sally Eyre Independent
Francois Robert VP and Chief Geologist Global Exploration | Barrick Gold Corp.
Brian G. Hoal Executive Director | Society of Economic Geologists
Ted Reeve President | Haliburton Mineral Services Inc.
John Morganti

Ex Officio Members

Title Name
SEG President, 2013 Antonio Arribas R., SEG 2013 President, ex officio (serving on the board March 2013 - March 2014)
SEG President, 2013 Judith A. Kinnaird, SEG 2014 President, ex officio (serving on the board March 2014 - March 2015)
Executive Director and Secretary, ex officio Brian G. Hoal