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SEGCF Research Grant Awardees

2012 Awardees

Graduate Student Grants

Name Amount University/Degree Thesis Topic
Esther Bordet $4,700 Unversity of British Columbia, Ph.D. The role of regional tectonics in the evolution of the Eocene volcanic and structural framework of Central British Columbia.
Sebastian Fuchs $4,600 McGill University, Ph.D. Active metal transport in organic matter and its role in the ore-formation process of gold deposits.
Michael Gadd $6,500 Queen's University, Ph.D. Hydrothermal event recognition and sedex deposit vectoring method development using microanalytical geochemical techniques at Howard's Pass, Yukon.
Therese Garcia $1,150 University of Toronto, Ph.D. Differences and similarities between Algoma-type and Superior-type Iron Formations.
Ana Maria Guerra $4,500 Unversity of British Columbia, Ph.D. Tectonic evolution, magmatism and porphyry style mineralization in the Middle Cauca belt, Colombia.
Tea Laurila $3,100 University of Ottawa, Ph.D. Geochemical insights into metal precipitation in the Atlantis II Deep — The Red Sea.
Yanan Liu $3,300 University of Toronto, Ph.D. The roles of semi metals in the crystallization of magmatic sulfides.
Robert Lodge $4,800 Laurentian University, Ph.D. Comparison of the volcanological and geochemical characteristics of the Shebandowan Greenstone Belt to the VMS-endowed and VMS-deprived greenstone belts in the Wawa terrane, Superior Craton.
Krisztina Pandur $5,000 University of Saskatchewan, Ph.D. Character and evolution of fluids that form high- and low-temperature REE mineralization: Constraints from the Hoidas Lake and Douglas River deposits, northern Saskatchewan.
Andrew Ritts $3,200 Colorado School of Mines, M.Sc. Pyrite as a vector to ore in shale-hosted deposits: Compositional variations in pyrite from the unusual Eskay Creek sulfide and sulfosalt deposit, British Columbia.
Alfonso Rodriguez-Madrid $4,800 Unversity of British Columbia, M.Sc. Geology and hydrothermal evolution of the La Bodega and La Mascota Prospects, California District, Santander Colombia.
Evan Smith $2,500 Unversity of British Columbia, Ph.D. The composition and significance of fluid inclusions in gem-quality diamonds.
Michael Tucker $6,100 Unversity of British Columbia, M.Sc. Carlin-Type gold mineralization of the Conrad Zone, Yukon Territory, Canada.
Rui Wang $4,700 University of Alberta, Ph.D. Uplift and magmatic controls on the differential distribution of atypical collision-related porphyry Cu-Mo deposits in the Gangdese belt, South Tibet (China).
Avee Ya'acoby $5,000 Unversity of British Columbia, M.Sc. Petrogenesis and geotectonic evolution of carbonatite associations in the north-central Frenchman Cap Dome, southeastern British Columbia.
Zhihai Zhang $4,000 Dalhousie University, Ph.D. Diamond preservation in the mantle.

Graduate Student Fellowships

Name Amount University/Degree Thesis Topic
Britt Bluemel $5,000 Unversity of British Columbia, M.Sc. To develop and validate new geochemical exploration methods.
Eric Buitenhuis $5,000 University of Western Ontario, M.Sc. Investigation of the Latte gold prospect located at the Coffee Gold Project, Yukon, Canada.
Kristy Long $5,000 University of Maryland, M.Sc. The distribution and behavior of gold in the continental crust during progressive metamorphism to granulite facies in association with crustal anatexis.
Alexandra McGladrey $7,500 Queen's University, M.Sc. A 40Ar/39Ar study of the timing of deposition and metamorphism of rocks in Namibia.
Alexander Timofeev $7,500 McGill University, M.Sc. The study of the distribution of gallium at the Thor Lake REE deposit, NWT, Canada.

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Scholarships

Name Amount University/Degree Thesis Topic
Alexandre Boulerice $1,000 University of Ottawa, BS Trace Elements Athabasca U Deposit, SK.
Aaron Bustard $1,000 University of New Brunswick, BS Scheelite vs. wolframite at Sissons Brook, NB.
Michael D'Angelo $1,000 Lakehead University, BS Igneous textures & mineralogy, Steepledge Intrusive Complex, ON.
Oliver Friesen $1,000 University of British Columbia, BS Fe-Mg-Mn in calcite, Carlin-type alteration, NV.
Ian Herbranson $1,000 University of British Columbia, BS Stratigraphy of Mary's River iron formation, Baffin Island.
Yakun Liu $1,000 University of Toronto, BS Ar-Ar dating & cooling History, Bushveld Complex, SA.
Mervin McDonald $1,000 Memorial University, BS Mineralogy, textures & S isotopes, Ice Deposit, Yukon.
Thomas Raskevicius $1,000 Laurentian University, BS Footwall Cu-PGE-rich veins, Sudbury, ON.
Evan Slater $1,000 Dalhousie University, BS Unbiased study of Busang mineralization.
Emily Smyk $1,000 Lakehead University, BS Gecochemistry, petrography and structure, Musselwhite Mine, ON.