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SEGCF Research Grant Awardees

2013 Awardees

Graduate Student Grants

Name Amount University/Degree Thesis Topic
Naghmeh Farhangi $5,000 Laurentian University Ni-Cu-PGE in the Black Label Intrusion
Alexander Timofeev $2,800 McGill University The Nechacho REE deposit
Nicolas Gaillard $2,500 McGill University The Canadian Malartic deposit
Rui Wang $2,500 University of Alberta Porphyry Cu deposits in Tibet
Alexandra McGladrey $2,500 Queen's University Large silicate zinc deposits
Ben Frieman $2,500 Colorado School of Mines The southern Abitibi greenstone belt
Matthew Manor $2,500 University of British Columbia The Giant Mascot deposit
Sarah Jackson-Brown $2,500 University of British Columbia The Turnagain Cu-PGE-rich mineralization
Diane Chung $3,000 University of Hong Kong Labrador Trough iron deposits
Dennis Sanchez Mora $2,500 University of New Brunswick Low sulphidation epithermal deposits in New Brunswick
Michael Gadd $4,000 Queen's University Howards Pass
Drew Stavinga $3,000 Queen's University The Prairie Creek deposit
Krisztina Pandur $3,000 University of Saskatchewan REE mineralization in Saskatchewan
Jane Block $2,000 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee The Rice Bay Dome
Emilie Gagnon $2,500 University of Ottawa Archean North Caribou Belt lode gold deposits
Alexey Li $3,000 Queen's University Uranium in peralkaline intrusions
Anezka Borcinova Radkova $3,000 Queen's University Sb, As and Cu mobility in mine drainage
Justin Palmer $2,500 Colorado School of Mines Mineralization in the Rackla Gold Belt
Erik Haroldson $2,000 University of Wisconsin-Madison Fluid inclusions in the Mgino gold deposit
Valeria Li $2,500 Queen's University Uranium deposits of the Macusani District in Peru
Kate Rubingh $2,500 Laurentian University The New Britannia Mine
Shaunaugh Whelan $1,500 University of Alberta U-Pb dating at the Sprogge deposit
Irene del Real $3,000 University of British Columbia The Woodjam property
Sergio Gamonal $2,000 University of British Columbia La Coipa
Nico Kastek $2,000 Memorial University The Cape Smith Belt
Michael Burns $2,500 Laurentian University The Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group

Graduate Student Fellowships

Name Amount University
Erin Adlakha $5,000 University of Ottawa
William Bradford $5,000 Memorial University
Michael Buschette $5,000 UBC/NMIT/MUN/CSM applied
Shannon Gill $5,000 Memorial University
Colter Kelly $5,000 University of Ottawa
Erin Lawlis $5,000 CODES, Australia

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Scholarships

Name Amount University Thesis Topic
Ian Borg $1,000 Dalhousie University Involvement of the petroleum system in the genesis of orogenic gold deposits in Nova Scotia
Justin Emberly $1,000 University of Ottawa Occurrence of sulphide minerals along the P2 structure of the Athabasca Basin
Mark Garagan $1,000 St. Mary's University Infrared microscopy of PGE bearing hematite at the Afton porphyry system
Marie-Eve Lajoie $1,000 University of Ottawa Geological mapping in the Archean Horseshoe Greenstone Belt
Joseph Walker $1,000 Laurentian University The Black Norite orthopyroxene-(sulfide)-rich layer, South Range Norite
Leah Clapp $1,000 Lakehead University Microstructural analysis, Kirkland Lake
Édouard Côté-Lavoie $1,000 Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi Cu-Au mineralization in syenite, Abitibi Greenstone Belt
Jared Liimu $1,000 Lakehead University Hemlo Gold Mine
Rachel Milligan $1,000 Dalhousie University Fe-Ti Oxides in kimberlite
Sean O'Brien $1,000 Memorial University Phytoremediation - Consolidated Rambler Mine
Emma Percy $1,000 Queen's University Isotopic signature of ore fluids, Minas Gerais
Jordan Quinn $1,000 Lakehead University Stratigraphy of the Musselwhite Mine
Neal Sullivan $1,000 Laurentian University Paragenesis and partitioning of siderophile elements, Noril'sk
Eli Wiens $1,000 University of Saskatchewan Graphite in pelitic gneisses, Read Lake, Athabasca Basin
Josh Wisen $1,000 St. Mary's University REE minerals in the West Moose River Pluton