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SEGCF Research Grant Awardees

2014 Awardees

Graduate Student Grants

Name Amount University/Degree Thesis Topic
Melissa Anderson $5,000 University of Ottawa New Hebrides arc, Solomon Islands
Anezka Borcinova Radkova $3,000 Queen's University Antimony and arsenic mobility in tailings
Michael Buschette $3,000 Memorial University Boundary Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide
Heather Carson $5,000 Laurentian University The Black Thor Intrusive Complex
David Diekrup $5,000 University of Ottawa Banded iron formations, Abitibi Ontario
Ben Frieman $3,000 Colorado School of Mines The Boston Creek domain, southern Abitibi Subprovince
Emilie Gagnon $2,000 University of Ottawa The Archean North Caribou greenstone belt
Enkhgerel Gerelchuluun $5,500 University of British Columbia Poison Mountain porphyry Cu-Au-Mo deposit
Ryan Kressall $2,500 Dalhousie University Kimberlite magmas
Jonathan Lavoie $2,500 University of Geneva The polymetallic Beqtakari deposit, Lesser Caucasus of Georgia
Kaveh Mehrmanesh $3,500 Laurentian University The Black Label chromitite horizon, Black Thor Intrusive Complex
Jessica Pickett $3,500 Queen's University PGE classification and recovery from glacial till dispersion trains
Fabien Rabayrol $5,000 University of British Columbia Anatolian epithermal and porphyry-style deposits, Turkey
Kate Rubingh $4,000 Laurentian University The New Britannia Mine
Jessica Stromberg $3,000 University of Western Ontario Dome Mine
Helen Thomas $3,000 Colorado School of Mines Metamorphosed ore deposits
Scott Tokaryk $5,000 Laurentian University The Archean Vickers gabbroic complex
Longbo Yang $4,500 McGill University Fluorite-REE deposits in the Gallinas Mountains, US

Graduate Student Fellowships

Name Amount University/Degree Thesis Topic
Aaron Bustard $7,500 University of Waterloo Unconformity-type U deposits, Thelon Basin
Evan Slater $7,500 Laurentian University Silver-zinc-tin deposit, Argentina
Nicholas Joyce $5,000 Queen's University Unconformity-related uranium deposit in the Athabasca Basin
Stephen Ginley $5,000 University of Ottawa Temagami banded iron formation
Neal Sullivan $5,000 University of Toronto Unresolved problems in ore deposit geology

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Scholarships

Name Amount University Thesis Topic
Renelle Dubosq $1,000 University of Ottawa Dating Pb-Ag-Zn MVT mineralization, Serifos, Greece
Emily Griffiths $1,000 McGill University San Andreas seismicity and ore forming processes
Thomas Bagley $1,000 Acadia University Determining the heterogeneity of certified reference materials
Jennifer Spalding $1,000 University of Ottawa (U-Th)/He dating of calcite, Serfios, Greece
Kate Carroll $1,000 University of British Columbia A testing protocol to assess CO2 sequestration potential in mine waste
Sean Hillacre $1,000 University of Saskatchewan Structural analysis and paragenesis of the Arrow U discovery, Athabasca Basin
Daniel Meagher $1,000 Saint Mary's University Hydrocarbon-rich fluid inclusions in the Lupin BIF-Au deposit, Nunavut
Paul Wawrzonkowski $1,000 Laurentian University Massive sulfide mineralization within footwall deposit in Morrison Mine and polymorphism of millerite within Sudbury Basin
Kimberly Martin $1,000 University of Ottawa Petrology and mineralogy of quartz‐diorite hosted polymetallic veins, Iskut River Area
Trevor Weiss $1,000 University of Western Ontario Characterising the Lamprophyre Dykes to the Ag-Au-Telluride Mineralization of the Midas Gold Prospect
Robin Super $1,000 Lakehead University Comparing bio-oxidation versus conventional roasting of magmatic nickel ore from the Samapleu Deposit, Cote D'Ivoire
Cole McGill $1,000 Queen's University Indium-bearing hydrothermal minerals in the hypogene Vazante zinc-silicate deposit, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Sarah CoDyre $1,000 University of Western Ontario Investigation of the gold, electrum, and gold-silver-telluride mineralization of the Midas property
Nikolett Kovacs $1,000 Memorial University Carlin-style gold mineralization in the Yukon Territory; Venus Zone, Einarson property
Noah Nahachewsky $1,000 University of Alberta Paragenesis and geochemistry of a new prospect in the Red Dog Zn-Pb-Ag±Ba District
Robin Wolf $1,000 University of Toronto Determining the solvation capacity of molten carbonate for the platinum group elements, gold and rhenium
Darren Leduchowski $1,000 University of Western Ontario The evaluation of tourmaline as an indicator mineral for gold deposits
Daniel Francis $1,000 University of Alberta Paragenesis and mineralization of Ag-Zn-Pb veins in the Owl Southwest showing, Yukon
Mélanie Bouchard $1,000 Laurentian University Relative timing of metamorphism and shear fabric development in the gold-hosting lower Detour deformation zone
Sam Attersley $1,000 Memorial University Geochemical variations of magnetite from the El Laco Volcanic Complex, Chile
Jake Dove $1,000 Lakehead University Structural controls of gold mineralization on Neepawa Island, Sioux Lookout greenstone belt
Eric Grandillo $1,000 McGill University Petrogenesis of Fe skarns associated with alkaline igneous systems in rift environments
Matt Bunce $1,000 University of Ottawa Sulfur isotopes and trace element analysis in the Far Southeast copper-gold porphyry deposit, Philippines
Rabeea Fatima $1,000 Queen's University Using dendrochemistry to explore for uranium deposits at depth
Kaj Vaughan Sullivan $1,000 Queen's University Using isotopes on fracture surfaces, MacArthur River and Cigar Lake uranium deposits