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Proof of Enrollment (PoE) Guidelines

SEG Student Members require written documentation of full-time enrollment for the current academic year. Students must be enrolled full-time in the earth sciences from a degree granting university/college. Part-time students are not eligible for the student membership rates.

  • When applying: Your PoE must be current or show future enrollment.
  • When renewing: Your PoE must be dated between September–December 2017 or January–August 2018.

Valid PoE Documents

  • Dated fee statement which states "full-time" or number of credit hours
  • Dated university ID card which states "full-time"
  • Letter from your adviser
  • Letter from your university registrar

Submitting your PoE

  • Original documents are not required.
  • Online Application: You will be required to upload a file during the application process.
    One file can be uploaded. 4 MB limit. JPG, PNG, or PDF format. Multiple files can be compressed in one ZIP file.
  • Print Application: Scanned copies can be e-mailed, faxed, or mailed to the address on the form.