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SEG Copyright Information

Open Access Papers

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The Society of Economic Geologists, Inc., has in place a Gold Open Access (OA) policy that allows free access to papers for which the author has paid a fee in advance of publication. Under Creative Commons CC-BY licensing, this policy applies to final papers published in the journal Economic Geology that have been reviewed, copyedited, and typeset. The principles of fair use and attribution apply; duplicate or redundant publication of the full paper is not permitted at any time.

Papers that fall in this category are labeled with the OA padlock logo. In reusing the figures or other parts of the article, the user must acknowledge the author and the source of the material. If the new article uses more than 25% of an OA article or if more than 25% of the article comes from an OA article, it will judged to constitute duplicate publication and be in contravention of normal publishing ethics.

For additional information, please refer to the SEG Open Access publishing policy.


Other than for papers licensed under Open Access, SEG holds the copyright on all its publications, although certain works by government employees may be an exception. It is the author's responsibility to make this determination.

Fair Use Permission

Use of up to three figures, a brief paragraph (up to 300 words), or a single table from an SEG publication is considered to be fair usage, and no formal permission is needed. If formal permission is required, please make your request as indicated below. Fees will be assessed. We expect the SEG publication to be cited with appropriate credit, i.e., fully and prominently.

Copying and Use in the Classroom

To reproduce SEG materials, please check with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) in the USA or equivalent in other countries. You will be charged a fee for reproduction and distribution within a classroom.

Other Use

If your usage does not fall within the above categories, please write us at the following address:

Copyright Permissions
7811 Shaffer Parkway
Littleton, CO 80127
Fax: +1 (720) 981-7874

Complete the Permissions Form and stipulate the following:

  • What material you wish to use.
  • The title of the publication in which you will use the material, and the publisher's name.
  • At what price the publication will be sold or if there will be no charge.
  • Whether the material will be modified, and a general statement about the extent of the modification.

Usage Fees

For all uses requiring written approval of the SEG, fees will be assessed, with a base fee of US$50.00. Extent and purpose of use will be considered in assessing additional fees. Fees are not waived for SEG members and must be paid prior to use of the material or the permission is void. Formal invoices will be issued only upon request

Electronic Usage

Electronic use of complete SEG publications, including individual articles, is typically discouraged because it competes with SEG distribution of print and electronic matter.

Posting on a Website

Posting on a website of material covered by SEG copyright is prohibited without specific permission from SEG, with one exception: an author or group of authors may post without further permission, on their own personal or organizational website(s) the title, authors, and full abstract of their paper(s), providing the posting cites the SEG publication in which the material appears and the citation includes the address line:

Society of Economic Geologists
7811 Shaffer Parkway
Littleton, CO 80127