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Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition
SEG member access to maps from Economic Geology, 2000-Present

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The Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition is a new and exclusive feature customized for SEG members. From January, 2013, SEG will be offering annual fee-based access to scientific maps published in Economic Geology from 2000 to present through Geofacets. This intuitive interface enables an efficient assessment of a region’s geologic characteristics and mineral potential, and will serve as a strong complement to our existing archive of more than 9,000 articles of Economic Geology. For more information about Geofacets, please read the FAQs below.

To sign up for Geofacets, please contact Member Services.

Product Overview

Geofacets Product Overview

Webinar Presentation

Geofacets Webinar Presentation

"I wanted to let you know what a great pleasure it is to have Geofacets access to the Economic Geology maps and data. It is a joy, isn’t it? It is so quick, and at a good price. It truly is very efficient!"

Armelle Kloppenburg M.Sc. Ph.D.
4DGeo, Founding Director

Press Release

Elsevier and the Society of Economic Geologists Deliver 107 Years’ Worth of Scientific Maps through Geofacets. Read the Elsevier Press Release, September 20, 2012.


What is the cost?

Geofacets subscription is $49 and will be billed annually along with your dues. There will be no interruption in benefits so long as you pay your dues on time each year.

I've paid for Geofacets with my dues payment, when can I access its features?

Please allow one business day for processing.

How do I access Gefoacets content?

Visit and click the "Access Geofacets" button. (You must perform this step each time to access Geofacets -- you cannot log in at If you are not already logged in you will be prompted to enter your SEG member credentials. Please allow a few moments to establish your connection to Geofacets.

Can I access Geofacets from anywhere?

Yes. Geofacets is a web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Do I need to download special software to use Geofacets?

No special software is required. Geofacets supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer (IE) 7 or higher; Javascript must be enabled.

Will Geofacets work on a Mac?

Yes. Geofacets is compatible with both the Safari and Firefox browsers on a Mac.

What browsers does Geofacets support?

Geofacets supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer (IE) 7 or higher; Javascript must be enabled.

Is content other than maps available in Geofacets?

Yes. The value of Geofacets lies not only in access to the maps included in Economic Geology, but also in access to the contextual information for the map made available in a full-text, read-only PDF of the associated journal article.

Why are some of the maps not georeferenced?

While all maps from Geofacets are downloadable as TIFF or JPEG files, there are a few possible scenarios for why maps found in Geofacets could not be georeferenced:

  • If a map is hand-drawn with errors introduced, which is common to maps generated prior to the mid-1990's when computers were not regularly used to generate maps
  • If a map's scale cannot be determined or the scale is distorted
  • If our modern day coordinate system does not apply to a map, i.e., for paleogeographic maps which depict geographic locations and movement of continents through geologic time
  • If a map's geographic coordinate system or projection cannot be determined
  • If a map has no geographic coordinates and/or geographic identifiers (e.g., countries, cities, states, etc) that can be used as a reference point

Can I integrate my own maps and data with Geofacets content?

Yes. You can integrate Geofacets content with your own proprietary data and maps by downloading and importing our maps from your search results into your GIS software.

Will I be able to get a PDF of a journal article that does not contain any maps?

No. Only journal articles with maps are included in Geofacets.