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Graduate Student Fellowship Program

The SEGF Graduate Student Fellowship (GSF) Program provides fellowships to students who intend to pursue a course of study in economic geology leading to a Professional Master's, Master of Science (M.Sc.) and/or Ph.D. degree, with preference given to those who will be entering graduate school following completion of a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, or equivalent. A total of US$150,000 has been awarded to 20 students and CAN$30,000 has been awarded to five students who are enrolled in, or will be entering, graduate school in 2016. This is one of the Foundation's three core student programs "to encourage and develop a new generation of economic geologists".

The GSF Program is supported by major grants from Anglo American, Barrick Gold Corporation, Bear Creek Mining Corporation, Coeur Mining, Newmont Mining Corporation, Pan American Silver Corp., Regulus Resources, Inc., and, an Individual Anonymous Donor. The SEG Canadian Foundation (SEGCF) continues to significantly contribute to this program.

2016 Recipients

Name Home Country Award Amount University* Degree*
Nigel Bocking Canada US$10,000 Laurentian University (Canada) M.Sc. Barrick Scholar
Alexandra Brown Canada US$10,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.Sc.
Edward Bunker United Kingdom US$5,000 University of Bristol (United Kingdom) Ph.D.
Marco Castoldi Brazil US$10,000 Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) M.Sc. Newmont Scholar
Matthew Flambard United Kingdom US$5.000 University of Exeter-Camborne School of Mines (United Kingdom) M.Sc.
Brigitte Gelinas Canada US$10,000 Lakehead University (Canada) M.Sc. Newmont Scholar
Carol-Anne Genereux Canada US$10,000 Laurentian University (Canada) M.Sc. Anglo American Scholar
George Guice United Kingdom US$5,000 Cardiff University Wales (United Kingdom) Ph.D.
Jeffrey Hrncir USA US$10,000 University of New Mexico (USA) M.Sc.
Meaghan MacPherson USA US$5,000 Iowa State University (USA) M.Sc.
Shengxun Sai China US$5,000 China University of Geosciences (China) Ph.D..
Callum Scott United Kingdom US$10,000 Camborne School of Mines, Exeter (United Kingdom) M.Sc. Anglo American Scholar
Catherine Sedge Canada US$10,000 Saint Mary's University (Canada) M.Sc. Anglo American Scholar
Carl Spence-Jones United Kingdom US$10,000 University of Leeds (United Kingdom) Ph.D.
Tadsuda Taksavasu Thailand US$5,000 Auburn University (USA) M.Sc.
Katherine Tott USA US$5,000 Iowa State University (USA) M.Sc.
Corwin Trottier Canada US$5,000 Saint Mary's University (Canada) M.Sc.
Alexander Tunnadine Australia US$5,000 Macquarie University (Australia) M.Sc.
Christopher Voisey Canada US$5,000 Monash University (Australia) M.Sc.
Shawna Waberi Canada US$10,000 Queen's University (Canada) M.Sc.
SEG Canada Foundation Graduate Student Fellowships
Name Home Country Award Amount University* Degree*
Roy Greig USA CAN$5,000 University of Tucson (USA) Ph.D.
Christopher Kelly Canada CAN$5,000 Laurentian University (Canada) M.Sc.
Cole McGill Canada CAN$5,000 Queen's University (Canada) M.Sc.
Daniel Meagher Canada CAN$5,000 Saint Mary's University (Canada) M.Sc.
Barry Penner Canada CAN$10,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.Sc.

*University where student is either attending (first year) or plans to attend graduate school, and degree being sought.