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Mentoring Posters

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Active Mentors

Affiliation: I = Industry, G = Government, A = Academic

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Name Country Affiliation Description
Edward M. Baker Canada I Epithermal and porphyry Cu-Au systems
Regina M. Baumgartner Peru I Porphyry systems focusing on base and precious metal epithermal deposits
Luciano M. Bocanegra Chile I Economic Geologist Consultant. Experience focused in field experienced geologist in porphyry and epithermal systems exploration. Interest in applied research to mining exploration.
Maria Boni USA A Non-sulfide ore deposits; Sediment-hosted Zn-Pb ores; Hydrothermal dolomitization
David P. Braxton Chile I Research interests are generally focused on porphyry and epithermal systems
Mark N. Burdett Australia A Current Ph.D. topic: The role of volatile-rich melts on the distribution of PGE deposits in magmatic systems. The aim of my project is to investigate how volatile phases control Pt-Pd-enrichment in fractionating magmatic systems. By combing both experimental and field-based research, I will explore the concept that volatile elements play a fundamental role in concentrating Pt and Pd in many magmatic deposits and provide insights into system fertility and better exploration vectors.
Nicholas J. Callan Chile I Independent Consultant (definitely "hammer, hand-lens, and boot-leather" variety)
Michael D. Campbell USA I Minerals Exploration and Mining
Uranium, Gold and Industrial Minerals
Environmental and Regulatory Assessments
Mergers and Acquisitions
Lucy H. Chapman Australia I Sediment-hosted ore genesis; sedimentary diagenesis and basin evolution
Jesse M. Clark Australia I
  • Graduate Mine Geologist, BHP Billiton Olympic Dam
  • IOCG deposits: Classification, definition & regional geodynamic controls on mineralisation
  • Passionate about the education, exposure, and professional development of economic geology
Jean S. Cline USA A Geochemical evolution of Carlin-type gold deposits and porphyry and epithermal systems
Mark D. Cruise Canada I President Trevali Resource Corp., VP Business Development Cardero, Director Dorato Resources, Advisor International Tower Hill Mines
Mark D. Davis United Kingdom I Principal Consulting Exploration Geologist - Economics of grass roots projects. Focus on Diamonds both from primary and secondary sources.
Benoit Dube Canada G Research Scientist, Adjunct professor: INRS-ETE; Laval University
Michael S. Fulp USA I Exploration Analyst
Steven L. Garwin Australia I Application of structural geology and geochemistry to discovery
Howard C. Golden Australia I Geophysics
Richard J. Goldfarb USA G Metallogeny of Alaska, tectonics and ore deposits, lode gold deposits, Chinese gold deposits
Ralph A. Gonzalez USA I Project Manager for Alexander Nubia Inc. Exploring of base and precious metals in the Eastern Desert of Egypt (Nubian Shied).
Jens Gutzmer Germany A Sediment-hosted ore deposits; paleo- environmental evolution; sedimentary ore formation; geometallurgy
Keith J. Henderson Canada I Focus on mineral exploration and mine development projects.
Murray W. Hitzman USA A Iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG), sediment-hosted stratiform copper, carbonate- and shale-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag, Carlin-type Au
Avrom Howard USA/Canada I Exploration (glorified prospector); variety of deposit settings -- epithermal porphyry, VHMS, sedimentary, and commodities -- base & precious metals, manganese, chrome.
George J. Hudak USA A Mineral deposits associated with Precambrian volcanic and intrusive rocks including volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits and epithermal deposits; geological and hydrothermal alteration mapping in Precambrian terranes; evolution of greenstone belts
Keenan Jennings United Kingdom I Exploration Geologist with 23 years' experience
Daniel E. Jiricka Canada I Chief Geoscientist - Worldwide Exploration Projects - applied research on unconformity-associated and sandstone-hosted uranium deposits
Douglas J. Kirwin Thailand I Front-end exploration and project generation
J. Richard Kyle USA A Ore deposits geology, strata-controlled mineral resources, minerals exploration, industrial mineral resources, origin of ore-forming fluids in sedimentary basins, fluid inclusions, stable isotopes, salt dome cap rock formation, carbonate diagenesis, resources in volcanic terranes, K-12 and university geoscience education, X-ray computed tomography applications to ore genesis and processing.
Peter Laznicka USA I Mineral potential comparisons and evaluation
Justin M. Legg New Zealand I Senior Economic Geologist for Golder Associates (NL) Ltd.
  • Geological modeling
  • Data QAQC
  • Down hole geophysics
  • GIS
  • Geostatistics
  • Resource estimation
  • Due diligence studies
Rael D. Lipson USA I Understanding the gross controls of gold deposits as a springboard to finding new deposits and the structural controls of gold deposits at scales ranging from sub-continental, to those of individual ore shoots, is crucial.
A. James Macdonald New Zealand I Director, C2Skye Management Ltd.
Consulting Economic Geologist
Company Director (Clancy Exploration, International Base Metals, Mantle Diamonds)
Daniel R. Marinov Canada I Senior Geologist with interests on mineral exploration for: Porphyry - epithermal Cu-Au systems and BIF related high-grade iron ore
Craig R. McClung Namibia I Sediment-hosted base metal deposits; iron oxide copper-gold deposits; geochemistry
Lawrence D. Meinert USA A Skarn deposits
Pilar Moreira Argentina A Au-Ag epithermal, Patagonia Argentina
Anthony A. Morey Australia I Exploration geologist with Northgate Minerals. I work on near mine and regional gold exploration projects in Western Victoria, Australia.
João Motta Brazil A Geologist performing master’s in applied geophysics for tectonics and mineral exploration in Brazil. I would like to share my impressions over market and academia with whoever is interested. My personal interests are geological mapping, structural geology, applied geophysics, and mineral exploration.
John L. Muntean USA I Geology and geochemistry of ore deposits; mine geology; geologic mapping; magmatic hydrothermal processes
Serge Justin Nitiema South Africa I Gold exploration in Africa
Audace Ntungicimpaye South Africa I Consulting Economic Geologist
Michael J. T. Orobona USA I Carlin-type gold, mine/mill ore performance correlations, geometallurgy
Geoffrey N. Phillips Australia I Metalliferous and Archaean geology, metamorphic petrology, geochemistry, fluids
Stephen J. Piercey Canada A Associate Professor and Altius Research Chair in Mineral Deposits - field-based studies of mineral deposits, volcanic and alteration facies mapping, geological mapping, lithogeochemistry, radiogenic isotopes, geochronology, volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits and other deposit types, tectonics and metallogeny, and industry-academe interaction and knowledge transfer.
Nancy C. Reardon Australia I Geological consultant in mineral exploration for precious and base metals
Francois Robert Canada I Mineral deposits geology, especially gold
Abani R. Samal USA I Mineral deposit modeling
Holly J. Stein USA A Metallogeny in a magmatic- metamorphic-tectonic framework; Re-Os
Franck Valli France I Structural Geologist
Jean Louis Vigneresse France A Expertise in felsic magma generation from source to emplacement; metals concentration processes
Ivo Vos Canada I Senior Consulting Geologist with SRK Consulting, Toronto
Structural controls on mineral deposition, Belt-scale targeting, 3D geological modeling
Noel C. White Australia I Epithermal and porphyry deposits
Andy Wilde Australia I Exploration Geologist
Alan J. Wilson Chile I Porphyry copper and related ore systems, sediment-hosted copper and IOCG-type deposits, and regional geodynamic controls on mineralization from an applied economic geology perspective
Kaihui Yang USA I Gold and base metal ore deposits; melt inclusion studies; VMS, porphyry Cu