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Student Field Trip Program

Current Field Trip Details

SFT-15: Porphyry Systems of Central and Southern British Columbia
August 17-25, 2016 (Application deadline: May 31, 2016)


The Society of Economic Geologists Foundation, Inc. (SEGF) provides significant annual financial support for its three core student-support programs: Graduate Student Fellowships, Student Research Grants, and Student Field Trips. The Student Field Trip Program includes the following elements:

  • SEGF annually supports one or two SEG-organized field trips to major mining districts around the world by providing funding to subsidize student participation on the field trips.
  • SEGF pays for the bulk of the transportation and lodging costs for students on these trips, so that the personal cost for participating students will be relatively inexpensive.
  • Field trips are usually held over a period of ten consecutive days.
  • Participation on each trip is limited to 20 students. Students, regardless of where in the world they are located, are eligible and encouraged to apply for participation on these field trips. SEGF strives for broad geographic representation on each trip. Selection of participants is competitive, with strong preference given to SEG Student Members.

Field trips are organized and led by SEG members with appropriate experience and recognized expertise in the geology of the mining districts included in the field trips. Appropriate arrangements are made with the individual mines being visited for access and to assure availability of mine geology personnel to interact with students. These field trips are very popular and are consistently oversubscribed. All SEG student members are notified of field trip application deadlines via an e-mail announcement.

Previous Field Trips

Date Code Title Details
March 6-14, 2015 SFT-14 Copper-Gold-Silver-Molybdenum Metallogeny of Northern Chile
September 3-11, 2014 SFT-13 Archean Base and Precious Metal Deposits, Southern Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada
March 9-16, 2014 SFT-12 Major Copper-Molybdenum Porphyry Systems, Southwestern USA
May 12-18, 2013 SFT-11 Precious Metals Deposits of the Southwestern USA
September 16-22, 2012 SFT-10 Porphyry Systems of Southern Peru
May 12-19, 2012 SFT-09 Iberian Pyrite Belt
March, 2011 /
May, 2011
SFT-08 / SFT-07 IOCG and Cu-Ag Deposits, Northern Chile  
September, 2010 SFT-06 Utah and Colorado Plateau and Henderson Ore Deposits 6-day field trip to Tintic, Bingham.
May, 2009 SFT-05 Gold Systems of Northern Nevada 9-day field trip visiting the seven gold mines/districts.
January, 2008 /
March, 2008
SFT-04 / SFT-03 Iberian Pyrite Belt Two field trips held in northern Chile to examine FeOx Cu-Au and andesite-hosted Cu-Ag deposits.
May, 2007 SFT-02 Northern Nevada Gold Mines and Districts 10-day field trip to seven gold mines in Northern Nevada.
January, 2007 SFT-01 Porphyry Deposits in Northern Chile 10-day field trip to eight porphyry deposits in Northern Chile.