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Student Research Grants

Guidelines for Completing an SRG Application

  • Carefully read the "Guideline For Use of Funds" section on page 2 of the SRG Application (Part 1); funds are available for some, but not all, expenses.
  • Previous recipients of an SRG must have already submitted the expense statement and report for the year in which the report was due for the grant awarded.
  • Keep answers within the space allotted on the application (unless specifically noted that additional space is acceptable) and limit the size of the completed application to <1MB.
  • Ask your supervisor to review the application to ensure correct spelling, grammar etc.
  • Pay particular attention to logic and clarity when describing your research topic and the approach you will take to conclude the project successfully.
  • Define your research project succinctly and be specific when describing the problems that your research will address.
  • Ensure it is clear that you understand the research problem, your scientific approach is valid and sound, and the topic will be of interest to economic geologists.
  • Be clear in explaining the significance of the research problem that you are addressing.
  • Emphasize original aspects of your research topic and the approach you are proposing to address them.
  • Present your research plans and timelines clearly and ensure that they are realistic; i.e. that you will complete the project within the stated time frame.
  • Ensure that all your projected budget items are necessary and that the estimated costs are reasonable.
  • If you have any special circumstances, please note them clearly.
  • Ensure you have provided funding details from other sources, e.g. industry, university, or government.