Exhibitor List

Exhibitor: Acme Analytical Laboratories
  Vancouver, BC, Canada
Booth Number: 407
Email: rmccaffrey@acmelab.com

Exhibitor: Activation Laboratories
  Ancaster, ON, Canada
Booth Number: 408
Email: erichoffman@actlabsint.com

Exhibitor: Analytical X-Ray Instrument Sales
  Golden, Colorado
Booth Number: 604
Email: jkxray@aol.com

Exhibitor: Beak Consultants
  Freiberg, Germany
Booth Number: 518
Email: barth@beak.de

Exhibitor: Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum
Booth Number: 517/518
Email: aurora.blotta@publicis.com.br

Exhibitor: CODES
  Hobart, Australia
Booth Number: 506
Email: june.pongratz@utas.edu.au

Exhibitor: Colorado Geological Survey
  Denver, Colorado
Booth Number: 402
Email: jim.cappa@state.co.us

Exhibitor: Colorado School of Mines
  Golden, Colorado
Booth Number: 304
Email: mschwing@mines.edu

Exhibitor: Condor Consulting
  Lakewood, Colorado
Booth Number: 513
Email: ken@condorconsult.com

Exhibitor: Data Metallogenica
  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Booth Number: 317
Email: alan.goode@amira.com.au

Exhibitor: Designs on U
  Littleton, Colorado
Booth Number: 309
Email: hssickafuse@msn.com

Exhibitor: DOSECC
  Salt Lake City, UT
Booth Number: 313
Email: dzur@dosecc.org

Exhibitor: Downing Teal, Inc.
  Denver, Colorado
Booth Number: 417
Email: lfreeman@downingteal.com

Exhibitor: Encom Technology Pty Ltd.
  North Sydney, NSW, Australia
Booth Number: 511
Email: jacqueline.macey@encom.com.au

Exhibitor Energold Drilling Corporation
  Vancouver, BC Canada
Booth Number: 510
Email: drader@telus.net

Exhibitor: Eurasian Minerals Inc.
  Littleton, Colorado
Booth Number: 618
Email: dave@eurasianminerals.com

Exhibitor: Geological Society of South Africa
  Marshalltown, Republic of South Africa
Booth Number: 311
Email: leopold.bosch@gssa.org.za

Exhibitor: Geological Survey of Namibia
  Windhoek, Namibia
Booth Number: 302
Email: vpetzel@mme.gov.na

Exhibitor: Geoscience Australia
  Canberra, ACT, Australia
Booth Number: 416
Email: mike.huleatt@ga.gov.au

Exhibitor: Geosoft, Inc.
  Markham, ON, Canada
Booth Number: 306
Email: maracmicki@cs.com

Exhibitor: GoldCorp.
Booth Number: 402
Email: Julia_hasiwar@goldcorp.com

Exhibitor: Golden Cross Resources
Booth Number: 411
Email: kim@goldencross.com.au

Exhibitor: W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
  Elkton, Maryland
Booth: 412
Email: kjdavis@wlgore.com

Exhibitor: High Plains Uranium
  Cheyenne, WY
Booth Number: 302
Email: dani@hpur.com

Exhibitor: Mincom
  Englewood, Colorado
Booth Number: 606
Email: warren.pichler@mncom.com

Exhibitor: Miners News
  Boise, Idaho
Booth Number: 310
Email: minesnews@msn.com

Exhibitor: Mining Journal
  London, England
Booth Number: 316
Email: Eileen.smith@miningjournal.com

Exhibitor: The Mining Record
  Castle Rock, Colorado
Booth Number: 403
Email: don@miningrecord.com

Exhibitor: Newmont Mining Corp.
Booth Number: 603

Exhibitor: Quantec Geoscience
  Toronto, ON, Canada
Booth Number: 619
Email: rgordon@quantecgeoscience.com

Exhibitor: Redhawk Resources, Inc.
  Vancouver, BC, Canada
Booth Number: 410
Email: kristian@telus.net

Exhibitor: Rio Tinto Mining & Exploration Ltd.
Booth Number: 607

Exhibitor: ROCA Mines Inc.
  Vancouver, BC, Canada
Booth Number: 507
Email: jmirko@rocamines.com

Exhibitor: Schlumberger Water Services
  Waterloo, ON, Canada
Booth Number: 413
Email: mharris.10@slb.com

Exhibitor: SGS Lakefield Research
  Lakefield, ON, Canada
Booth Number: 505
Email: Beth-Ann.Handley@sgs.com

Exhibitor: Society for Mining Metallurgy & Exploration
  Littleton, CO
Booth Number: 516
Email: membership@smenet.org

Exhibitor: Spectral International Inc.
  Arvada, Colorado
Booth Number: 503
Email: rachelle_spectral@comcast.net

Exhibitor: SRK Consulting
  Tuscon, Arizona
Booth Number: 303
Email: amoran@srk.com

Exhibitor: State of Nevada
  Reno, Nevada
Booth Number: 502
Email: jprice@unr.edu

Exhibitor: Sultan Minerals, Inc.
  Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3P1
Booth: 612
Email: atroup@sultanminerals.com

Exhibitor: U.S. Geological Survey
  Reston, VA
Booth Number: 405
Email: mmontour@usgs.gov

Exhibitor: Western Mining Services
  Centennial, Colorado
Booth: 404
Email: bartonsuchomel@msn.com

Exhibitor: Yukon Economic Development/Yukon Geological Survey
  Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Booth Number: 616
Email: ken.galambos@gov.yk.ca

Exhibitor: Zinifex Ltd
  Southbank, Australia
Booth Number: 512
Email: john.larson@ziniefx.com


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