Field Trip: Lisbon Valley Sediment-Hosted Copper Deposits and Paradox Basin Fluids

Thorson or 303-805-2502

Fee: $395 Member, $545 Nonmember, $245 Student

The Lisbon Valley copper deposits are the result of two episodes of basin dewatering fluid flow. On the evening of May 16, participants will travel from Keystone to Grand Junction by van or, if they choose, by personal car.

On Day 1 this two-day trip will review regional stratigraphy of the northeastern Paradox Basin, reducing pyritic alteration of the Permian through Lower Cretaceous section by an early basinal fluid, and copper mineralization by a later fluid. The participants will overnight in Moab, UT.

Day 2 will be a visit to Constellation Copper Corp.’s Lisbon Valley Mine and SXEW copper facility.  A short but demanding hike is included.  Participants must provide their own hard hats, safety glasses, and appropriate boots required for the mine visit.

The van will return to Keystone with a stop in Grand Junction for those participants leaving vehicles in Grand Junction.  Fees include a field trip guidebook, accommodation, and some meals.