Title: Geochemistry in Resource Development  

May 13, 2006


GRAHAM CLOSS, Colorado School of Mines, lcloss@mines.edu
DAVE KELLEY, Newmont, dave.kelley@newmont.com

Fees: By March 1, 2006. $295 Member, $395 Nonmember, $150 Student

This one-day workshop will provide an up-to-date overview of the role of geochemistry within each stage of the wealth creating mineral resource development process. Emphasis will be on geochemistry’s contribution to decision-making at each stage.

The morning session will be devoted to tracking the contributions of geochemistry through the various stages in the development process: early stage exploration, target definition and testing, QA/QC considerations, input to mine planning, operations, monitoring and remediation, and regulatory requirements.

The afternoon session will address traditional and evolving scientific and technical developments that are increasing the contribution of geochemistry: new developments in understanding metal dispersion processes, analytical capabilities, selective extraction analysis, in-situ geochemical analysis, and data presentation and interpretation.

The course will be valuable to two groups: individuals responsible for the overall mineral resource development process and those wishing to gain an appreciation of how geochemistry can contribute to their current specific stage or technical area of responsibility within this process.