Title: What Constitutes a Definitive Feasibility Study? 

LARRY SMITH (chair), AMEC Manager of Mining & Metals Consulting, larry.smith@amec.com
TED EGGLESTON, Consulting Geologist, egglesto@ris.net
BILL TILLEY, AMEC Senior Mining Engineer, bill.tilley@amec.com
RON PEARCE, AMEC Chief Estimator, ron.pearce@amec.com
LYNTON GORMELY, AMEC Principal Process Engineer, lynton.gormely@amec.com

Fee: By March 1, 2006. $395 Member, $495 Nonmember, $200 Student

This two-day workshop will provide a review of the technical requirements of a definitive feasibility study.  Referred to in some circles as a “bankable” feasibility study, this work is executed to a level of confidence suitable to support final internal or external project financing.  The workshop will examine the requirements of exploration data quality, resource and reserve estimates, mine designs, metallurgical studies, geotechnical and hydrological studies, process and infrastructure system designs, capital and operating cost estimates, environmental and socio-economic studies, financial analyses and project management.  Discussions will address the level of documentation expected by various stakeholders.

Additional guest speakers will be arranged to provide perspectives of the level of work required by banking institutions (external financings) and the boards of integrated companies (internal financings). 

The workshop will be valuable to a wide audience, including junior companies seeking financing of advanced projects, company project teams needing to meet appropriate internal standards of work, regulators needing to understand industry standard practices and finance experts trying to understand technical reports.