Title: Sustainable Development & The Social License to Operate 

IAN THOMSON, On Common Ground Consultants, Inc., rockdoc@direct.ca
SUSAN JOYCE, On Common Ground Consultants, Inc., susanajoyce@shaw.ca

Fees: By March 1, 2006. $395 Member, $495 Nonmember, $200 Student

This two-day workshop will provide an overview of the changing national and international pressures that affect mineral exploration and mining; use case histories and a working exercise to illustrate the social dynamics that operate around exploration and mining projects; and provide practical advice on how to create and sustain good community relations that form the basis for a ‘Social License to Operate’. 

The workshop is led by two experts with extensive experience in the particular challenges to community relations that occur during mineral exploration.  Their approach is to become knowledgeable, start early, and work to preempt the risks that can lead to problems. 

Topics to be covered during the workshop include the changing social environment in which mining operates, the role of the culture of mineral exploration, stakeholder engagement in theory and practice, the role of the non-governmental organizations, guidelines and tools for positive community relations, and how mineral exploration can contribute to the goals of sustainable development.