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Presentations from the SEG 2014 Conference
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Abstracts of Invited Speakers

Geochemical Dispersion Through Transported Cover in Regolith-Dominated Terrains—Toward an Understanding of Process

Ravi Anand et al.

Motive, Means, and Opportunity: Key Factors in the Discovery of the Nova-Bollinger Magmatic Nickel-Copper Sulfide Deposits in Western Australia

Mark Bennett et al.

Anglo American Exploration: Key Ingredients to a Decade (1999−2010) of Success

Graham Brown

Muon Geotomography—Bringing New Physics to Orebody Imaging

Douglas Bryman et al.

Time Scales of Mineral Systems—Advances in Understanding over the Past Decade

Massimo Chiaradia et al.

New Advances in Detecting the Distal Geochemical Footprints of Porphyry Systems—Epidote Mineral Chemistry as a Tool for Vectoring and Fertility Assessments

David Cooke et al.

A Giant Mesoarchean Crustal Gold-Enrichment Episode: Possible Causes and Consequences for Exploration

Hartwig Frimmel

Mineral Evolution: Episodic Metallogenesis, the Supercontinent Cycle, and the Coevolving Geosphere and Biosphere

Robert Hazen et al.

Coiled Tubing Drilling and Real-Time Sensing—Enabling Prospecting Drilling in the 21st Century?

Richard Hillis et al.

Next Generation Three-Dimensional Geologic Modeling and Inversion

Mark Jessell et al.

The Mineral System Concept: The Key to Exploration Targeting

T. Campbell McCuaig and Jon Hronsky

The Geobiology of Sediment-Hosted Mineral Deposits

Clint Scott

Finding the Copper Mine of the 21st Century: Conceptual Exploration Targeting for Hypothetical Copper Reserves

John Sykes and Allan Trench

The Physical Hydrology of Ore-Forming Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems

Philipp Weis

Experimental Constraints on the Transport and Deposition of Metals in Ore-Forming Hydrothermal Systems

A. E. Williams-Jones and A.A. Migdisov

Geophysical Expressions of Ore Systems—Our Current Understanding

Ken Witherly

Mineral Exploration Industry of China

Kaihui Yang

Iron and oxygen isotope and element systematics of magnetite from the Los Colorados IOA deposit, Chile: A paradigm shift for IOA deposits?

Adam Simon