Oral Presentations

Session 2: SGA Session on exploration under cover

Chair: Roger Skirrow, Geoscience Australia

Complex Mineral Systems and Scale Reduction in Mineral Exploration Under Cover: Can Prospecting Drilling Bridge the Critical Gap Between Camp and Deposit Scale?

David Giles, Richard Hillis, Adrian Fabris, Simon van der Wielen, James Cleverley, and Scott Halley  |  david.giles@adelaide.edu.au

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Crustal Architecture and Under Cover Exploration: The Granites-Tanami Orogen Example

David B. Stevenson, Linda M. Iaccheri, Leon Bagas, T. Campbell McCuaig, and Alan R.A. Aitken  |  david.stevenson@research.uwa.edu.au

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Using 3D Computational Modeling to Represent Deep Structures and Facilitate Ore Prediction: An Example From Tongling Orefield, China

Liangming Liu, Wei Cao, and Jianqing Wang  |  lmliu@csu.edu.cn

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Discovery to Evaluation in a Mature Brownfields Terrane: A Case History of Exploration in the Northparkes District, NSW, Australia

Jonathon Hoye and Jeneta Wellard  |  jonathon.hoye@northparkes.com

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