Oral Presentations

Session 4: Mining geology

Chair: Margaretha Scott, Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland-St. Lucia

The Impact of Collaborative Research to the Mining Value Chain

Colin Moorhead and Anthony C. Harris  |  anthony.harris@newcrest.com.au

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Applications of UAVs in Mining Geology and Mineral Exploration

Stefan A. Vollgger, Steven Micklethwaite, and Alexander R. Cruden  |  st.vollgger@outlook.com

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Exploring for Ore

Dan Wood  |  danwood3844@hotmail.com

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Value Creation as a Guide for Advanced Exploration at Conchi Porphyry Copper Deposit, Chile: A Case Study and Methodology for Integration of Technical and Economic Variables

Aquiles Gonzalez, Ramon Aguirre, and Felipe Bernal  |  agonzalez@aminerals.cl

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