Oral Presentations

Session 5: Ores in subduction-related arcs: New examples; relations and controls

Chair: David Cooke, CODES, University of Tasmania

Hydrothermal Alteration of Carbonaceous Mudstones Hosting the Eskay Creek Au Deposit, British Columbia

Tom Meuzelaar and Thomas Monecke  |  tmeuze@gmail.com

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Trace Elements in Pyrite in the Lepanto High Sulfidation Epithermal Deposit, Philippines, and Genetic Implications

Zhaoshan Chang, J. Hedenquist, N. White, D. Cooke, and L. Burley  |  zhaoshan.chang@jcu.edu.au 

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Hypogene and Exotic Copper Mineralization at the Mercedario Porphyry Copper Prospect, Central Andes, Argentina

Alan Wilson  |  awilson@aminerals.cl

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