Oral Presentations

Session 8: IOCG and magnetite-apatite deposits: Similarities, differences, controls and genesis

Chair: Garry Davidson, CODES, University of Tasmania

A Process-Based Explanation for IOCG Diversity

Nicholas H.S. Oliver  |  nick@hco.net.au

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Shallow to Deep Crustal Controls on Localization of Mesoproterozoic Iron Oxide Copper-Gold-Rare Earth Element Deposits in Southeast Missouri (USA): Evidence from Gravity and Magnetic Data

Anne E. McCafferty and Jeffrey D. Phillips  |  anne@usgs.gov

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Fe-Cu Mineralization in the Paleozoic Aqishan-Yamansu Belt, Eastern Tianshan, China: Comparison to the Mesozoic Central Andean IOCG Mineralization and Chilean Iron Belt

Huayong Chen, Jinsheng Han, and Xiaolin Xiong  |  huayongchen@gig.ac.cn

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