Oral Presentations

Session 9: Ores in sedimentary environments: New examples; sources, transport, deposition and hydrology

Chair: Ross Large, CODES, University of Tasmania

Are There Carlin-Type Gold Deposits in China? Similarities and Differences Between Deposits of Guizhou, China, and Nevada, USA

Jean Cline, Zhuojun Xie, and Yong Xia  |  jean.cline@unlv.edu

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The Luxi Gold Belt of Southwest China’s Yunnan Province: A True Analogue for “Carlin” (Nevada) Style Gold Mineralization?

Lee Barker  |  dflawls@yahoo.com

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Still Stuck in the Mud: Reevaluation of Stratiform Gold in the Upper Popovich Formation, Northern Carlin Trend, Nevada

Robert Scott, Poul Emsbo, and Karsten Goemann  |  robert.scott@utas.edu.au

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Fingerprinting Mineralization in the North Australia Craton During the Amalgamation and Breakup of the Nuna/Columbia Supercontinent

Alexis Lambeck, David L. Huston, George M. Gibson, and Karin Barovich  |  a_lambeck@hotmail.com

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