Oral Presentations

Session 11: Post-collisional ores: New examples; characteristics, relationships and genesis

Chair: Anthony Harris, Newcrest Mining Ltd.

Origin of Postcollisional Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposits in the Eastern Gangdese Belt, Southern Tibet

Rui Wang, Jeremy P. Richards, Zeng-qian Hou, and Zhi-ming Yang  |  rui.wang@csiro.au

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High Magmatic Water Content Disproves Genesis of Postcollisional Copper Ore-Forming High Sr/Y Magmas by Dehydration Melting of Lower Crust

Yongjun Lu, Robert R. Loucks, Marco L. Fiorentini, Zhiming Yang, and Zengqian Hou  |  yongjun.lu@uwa.edu.au

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High-Precision Re-Os Molybdenite Ages for Porphyry- and Skarn-Style Cu-Au Mineralization at Ok Tedi, Papua New Guinea

Peter J. Pollard, Robert W. Smillie, Holly J. Stein, and Daniel R. Hastings  |  peter@peterpollard.com

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Tourmaline Mineral Chemistry as a Tool to Discriminate Mineralized from Barren Sn Granites, Western Tasmania, Australia

Wei Hong, David R. Cooke, Lejun Zhang, Nathan Fox, and Jay Thompson  |  wei.hong@utas.edu.au

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