Oral Presentations

Session 12: Magmatic deposits: New examples; characteristics and mechanisms

Chair: Stephen Barnes, CSIRO Earth Science & Resource Engineering

Sulfur Transfer into Mafic Magma from Sediment—Reaction of Sedimentary Sulfides with and into Mafic Magmas

Sarah-Jane Barnes and Nadege Samalens  |  sjbarnes@uqac.ca

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Crustal-Scale Magma Flow Networks and Magmatic Ore Deposits: Predicting Needles in Haystacks

Alexander R. Cruden, Stephen J. Barnes, Benoit M. Saumur, and Jozua van Otterloo  |  sandy.cruden@monash.edu

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Concentrating Sulfide Melts in Active Magma Pathways Using Chaotic Mixing

Jess Robertson, Steve Barnes, and Guy Metcalfe  |  jesse.robertson@csiro.au

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Physical Controls of Nucleation, Growth, and Migration of Vapor Bubbles in Partially Molten Cumulates

James E. Mungall  |  mungall@es.utoronto.ca

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