Oral Presentations

Session 14: IOCG and magnetite-apatite deposits: Similarities, differences, controls and genesis

Chair: Garry Davidson, CODES, University of Tasmania

The Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution of the El Laco Recent Iron Oxide Deposit

Fernando Tornos, Francisco Velasco, and John M. Hanchar  |  f.tornos@csic.es

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End-Permian Mineralized Phreatomagmatic Pipes of the Tunguska Basin: Volcanogenic IOCG Deposits Linked with the Siberian Traps Large Igneous Province

Alexander G. Polozov, Henrik H. Svensen, Sverre Planke, and Dougal A. Jerram  |  a.g.polozov@mail.ru

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The Evolution and Potential Sources of Mineralizing Fluids of the E1 Group of IOCG Deposits, Cloncurry District, Northwest Queensland, Australia: Implications from Fluid Inclusion and SHRIMP S Isotope Analyses

George Case, Zhaoshan Chang, Jan Marten Huizenga, Richard Lilly, and Tom Blenkinsop  |  george.case@my.jcu.edu.au

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