Oral Presentations

Session 15: Post-collisional ores: New examples; characteristics, relationships and genesis

Chair: Anthony Harris, Newcrest Mining Ltd.

Propylitic Alteration and Metal Mobility in Porphyry Systems: A Case Study of the Northparkes Porphyry Cu-Au Deposits, NSW, Australia

A. Pacey, J. J. Wilkinson, and D. R. Cooke  |  a.pacey@nhm.ac.uk

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High-K to Shoshonitic Magmatism Across the Northern Archean Kéména Man Margin (Guinea): Implications for the Late Eburnean Orogenic Gold Mineralization

Aurélien Eglinger, Nicolas Thébaud, James Davis, John Miller, Armin Zeh, Campbell McCuaig, and Elena Belousova  |  nicolas.thebaud@uwa.edu.au

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Nanoparticles are the Key to Forming Giant Gold Deposits

Mark A. Pearce, Michael F. Gazley, Louise A. Fisher, Martin Saunders, Robert M. Hough, and Charlie Kong  |  mark.pearce@csiro.au

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