Oral Presentations

Session 18: IOCG and magnetite-apatite deposits: Similarities, differences, controls and genesis

Chair: Garry Davidson, CODES, University of Tasmania

Insights into Zonation Within the Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag Deposit from Trace Element Signatures of Sulfide Minerals

Nigel J. Cook, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, and Kathy Ehrig  |  nigel.cook@adelaide.edu.au

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The Potential of Iron Oxide U-Pb Geochronology—Examples from the Olympic Dam IOCG Deposit, South Australia

Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Nigel J. Cook, Kathy Ehrig, Benjamin P. Wade, and Vadim S. Kamenetsky  |  cristiana.ciobanu@adelaide.edu.au

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The Supergiant Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag Ore Deposit: Toward a New Genetic Model

Vadim S. Kamenetsky, Kathy Ehrig, Roland Maas, Sebastien Meffre, Maya Kamenetsky, Jocelyn McPhie, Olga Apukhtina, Qiuyue Huang, Jay Thompson, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, and Nigel J. Cook  |  dima.kamenetsky@utas.edu.au

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Volcanosedimentary and Chronostratigraphic Architecture of the Host Rock Succession at Prominent Hill, South Australia

Stuart Bull, Sebastien Meffre, Mark Allen, Hamish Freeman, Marcus Tomkinson, and Pat Williams  |  s.bull@utas.edu.au; stubull42@gmail.com

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Mineralization and Paragenesis of the South Vulcan IOCG Prospect, South Australia

Gregory Clarke, Garry Davidson, Stuart Bull, Robert Smith, and Mawson Croaker  |  greg.clarke@riotinto.com

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The Cairn Hill Magnetite-Sulfide Deposit, Mount Woods Inlier, South Australia: Ore Genesis and Spatial-Temporal Relationships with Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Systems in the Gawler Craton

Jesse Matt Clark, Nigel J. Cook, Anthony Reid, Adrian Fabris, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, and Peter Hill  |  jesse.clark@bhpbilliton.com

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