Oral Presentations

Session 19: Ores in sedimentary environments: New examples; sources, transport, deposition and hydrology

Chair: Ross Large, CODES, University of Tasmania

Ore Controls in the White Mountain Breccia-Hosted Gold Deposit, Jilin Province, Northeastern China

Halley A. Keevil, Thomas Monecke, Richard Goldfarb, Greg Collins, Tao Feng, and Tim Baker  |  hkeevil@mines.edu

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Hot and Acidic—The Geochemistry of Vent Fluids from Shale-Hosted Massive Sulfide Deposits at Macmillan Pass, Selwyn Basin

Joseph M. Magnall, Sarah A. Gleeson, and Suzanne Paradis  |  magnall@ualberta.ca

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Sediment-Hosted Cu in Zambia: Mineralization Controlled by Ductile Deformation, Basin Architecture, or Both?

Clemens Augenstein, David Wood, Murray Hitzman, John Beeson, and Doug Jack  |  clemens.augenstein@modelearth.net.au

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Implications of Paleozoic Flora and Fauna in the Northern Katanga Basin for Sedimentation and Mineralization in the Central African Copperbelt

Tim Ireland, Iavor Stefanov, Wojciech Zukowski, and Tomislav Jelezarsky  |  tim.ireland@fqml.com

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Primary Metal Enrichment at the Black Shale-Hosted Talvivaara Ni-Zn-Cu-Co-U Deposit, Finland: Links to Paleoproterozoic Seawater?

Sean C. Johnson, Ross R. Large, Peter J. McGoldrick, Adrian J. Boyce, Sebastien Meffre, and Asko Kontinen  |  sean.johnson@utas.edu.au

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Rethinking Models for Phanerozoic Orogenic Gold Deposits

James Mortensen, Dave Craw, Doug MacKenzie, Murray Allan, and Rob Chapman  |  jmortensen@eos.ubc.ca

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