Oral Presentations

Session 20: Iron ore

Chair: Vicky Hough, BHP Billiton

An Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Study of Fluid Flow in the High-Grade Iron Ore Deposits (>63 wt % Fe) of the Southern Hamersley Province

Warren Thorne and Steffen Hagemann  |  warren.thorne@riotinto.com

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The Structural Evolution and Hypogene Origin of the Nyidinghu Iron Ore Deposit, Hamersley Province

D.A. Kepert, C.D. Quinn, and C.C. Fowers  |  dkepert@fmgl.com.au

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The Fortescue Group Basalts: The Source of Australia’s Iron Ore?

Alistair White, Raymond Smith, Monica leGras, and Patrick Nadoll  |  alistair.white@csiro.au

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Hypogene Alteration as a Precursor to Supergene Enrichment—A New Style of Iron Ore Mineralization in the Pilbara, Western Australia

Matthew Crowe, Loren Bargiev, and Dean Tuck  |  matt.crowe@bhpbilliton.com

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Inversion of the Ashburton Basin Margin and Structurally Controlled Hypogene Iron Ore Deposits of the Hamersley Basin

C.D. Quinn and D.A. Kepert  |  cquinn@fmgl.com.au

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A Metallogenic Study of High-Grade Iron Ores on North Baffin Island in the “Granulite Facies” Domain South of the Central Borden Fault Zone

Jon Hey, Norm Duke, Desmond Moser, and Thomas Iannelli  |  jhey@uwo.ca

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