Poster Presentations

Ores in Subduction-Related Arcs

*Senior author is a student


Geological Structure Mapping of the Central Gold Belt, Peninsular Malaysia Using PALSAR Satellite Remote Sensing Data

Amin Beiranvand Pour and Mazlan Hashim  | 

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Tumpangpitu Porphyry-High Sulfidation Epithermal Deposit, Tujuh Bukit Project, Indonesia—Geology, Alteration, and Mineralization

Rachel Harrison and Adi Maryono  |

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Ni-Cu-(PGE) Mineralization in a Continental Back-Arc Setting: The Riwaka Complex, New Zealand

Rose Turnbull, Anthony Christie, William Size, and Andy Tulloch  |

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Revised Zircon and Sphene Ages from the Central Wasatch, Utah Intrusive Complex: Refining the Magmatic-Hydrothermal History of the Region

Jennifer Thompson, Michael Baker, David R. Cooke, Pete Hollings, Jay Thompson, Lejun Zhang, and Emily Smyk  |

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The Cerro Quema High-Sulfidation Au-Cu Deposit (Azuero Peninsula, Panama): Geologic Model and Implications for Exploration

Isaac Corral, Mercè Corbella, Albert Griera, David Gómez-Gras, Àngels Canals, and Esteve Cardellach  |

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Setting and Age of Gold and Copper Deposits in La Zanja Volcanic Field, Northern Peru

Billy Beas, Jocelyn McPhie, and J. Bruce Gemmell  |

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La Colosa Au-Porphyry Deposit, Colombia: New Insights on the Structural Control and Ore-Forming Processes in the Northern Andes

Andres Naranjo, Johannes Horner, Adriana Castro, Aura Uribe, and Michael Nugus  |

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Chlorite Trace Element Chemistry as an Exploration Tool: A Case Study from the Collahuasi Mining District, Northern Chile

Michael J. Baker, Jamie J. Wilkinson, Clara Wilkinson, David R. Cooke, and Shawn Inglis  |

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Characteristics of Sediment-Hosted Epithermal Deposits

David Royle  |

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Evolving Subduction-Related Basins Control the Formation of VMS Deposits in the Iberian Pyrite Belt

Fernando Tornos, Carmen Conde, Massimo Chiaradia, and Francisco Velasco  |

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Mineral Diversity in Epithermal Au-Ag Deposits of the Hauraki Goldfield, New Zealand

Anthony Christie  |

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Mineralization and Alteration of the Ulaan Khud Porphyry: A Possible Extension to the Giant Oyo Tolgoi Cu-Au Deposits

Baigalmaa Lkhagvasuren Melrose  |

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The Acidity of Hydrothermal Solutions on the Ocean Floor

Chris Ballhaus, Fabian Gäb, and Dieter Garbe-Schönberg  |

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Tertiary Stratigraphy, Alteration Zones, and Precious Metal Deposits in the Patterson Mining District, Sweetwater Mountains, and Comparison to the Bodie Hills, California

Carli Balogh and Peter Vikre  |

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Some Thoughts on PGEs Enrichment in Porphyry-Skarn Copper Deposits in the Late Mesozoic Middle-Lower Yangtze River Metallogenic Belt (YRMB), Eastern China

Minfang Wang, Jens Gutzmer, Kun Liu, and Wei Wang  |

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Infrared Imaging of Geothermal Activity Within the Lienetz Open-Pit, Lihir Au Mine, PNG; Influence of Faults and Porphyry- and Epithermal-Style Breccias on Modern-Day High-Temperature Fluid Flow

Stephanie Sykora, David R. Cooke, David Selley, Chris Allickson, Fiona Karaut, Paul Napier, Bridgette Henderson, and Anthony C. Harris  |

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Geology, Alteration, and Mineralization of Bayugo Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposit Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines

Maria Lourdes M. Faustino, David R. Cooke, Nitzie Anne T. dela Cruz, Jamie Ara O. Aviso, Redempta P. Baluda, Noel C. Oliveros, and Claro Jose C. Manipon  |

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Controls on Mineralization at the FAT (Felsic Ash Tuff) Deposit, Courageous Lake Greenstone Belt, NWT, Canada: Epithermal Gold in Archean Rocks

Marcus Adam, Robert Linnen, William E. Threlkeld, James Freeman  |

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Sulfur Anomalies and Porphyry Copper Deposits in Their Early Stage of Formation

Vladimir Matjuschkin, Jon Blundy, Richard Brooker, and Brian Tattitch  |

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Probing Metal Transport in Ore-forming Fluids Using Molecular Simulations

Yuan Mei, Weihua Liu, David M. Sherman, and Joël Brugger  |

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Fingerprinting Gold Mineralization in the Timmins Gold Camp: Synchrotron Trace Element Analysis of Gold and Pyrites from the Dome Mine Ankerite Veins

Jessica M. Stromberg, Erik Barr, Lisa L. VanLoon, Dirk Schumann, and Neil R. Banerjee  |

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Transition Between Advanced Argillic and Porphyry-Style Alteration at the Far Southeast Porphyry Deposit, Mankanyan District, Philippines

M.F. Calder, Z. Chang, A. Gaibor, G.Tiu, C.J. Pastoral, J.W.Hedenquist, and A. Arribas  |

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Porphyry and Epithermal Mineralization in the Zijinshan Orefield, Fujian, SE China

Josh Phillips, Jose Piquer, Jing Chen, Lejun Zhang, and David Cooke  |

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Geology of the Mt Carlton High-Sulfidation (Au-Ag) Epithermal Deposit, NE Queensland, Australia

Fredrik Sahlström, Zhaoshan Chang, Paul Dirks, Isaac Corral, and Mark Stokes  |

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Setting and Style of VHMS Mineralization in the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, Western Australia: Insights from the Ag-Zn-(Au) Nimbus Deposit

Steven P. Hollis, Paul Gillespie, David Mole, Andrew Pumphrey, Stephen J. Barnes, Alicia Verbeeten, Christopher J. Yeats, Svetlana Tessalina, and Steven Wyche  |

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Geology, Alteration, and Mineralization of the Sagay Porphyry Copper Deposit, Negros, Philippines: A New Discovery

Marie April Djohanne A. Celiz, Romuel R. Landero, Rovi Ann A. Velasquez, Stella Dwayne F. Polino, and Ryota Yoshikawa  |

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The ~6 Moz Au Archean Rainy River Deposit, Superior Province, Canada: Sub-Seafloor Synvolcanic Au Mineralization

Mireille Pelletier, Patrick Mercier-Langevin, Vicki McNicoll, Justin Tolman, Dean Crick, Marc Richer-Laflèche, Simon Jackson, and Benoît Dubé  |

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Exhumation and Duration of the Pulang Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit, SW China: Constraints from U/Pb, 40Ar/39Ar, and (U-Th)/He Dating

Cheng-Biao Leng, David R.Cooke, Xing-Chun Zhang, Shou-Xu Wang, and Noreen Evans  |

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Supergene Enrichment Processes in Porphyry Systems: The Case of the Booubyjan Porphyry Copper(-Gold) Deposit, Southeast Queensland

Jose A. Veracruz, Paul Ashley, Nancy Vickery, and Josh Leigh  |

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Spectrum of Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits in the Penokean Volcanic Belt, Great Lakes Region, USA

Patrick Quigley and Thomas Monecke  |

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The High Sulfidation Epithermal Copper Deposits at Monywa, Central West Myanmar

Yi Sun, Jing Chen, Xiaokang Li, and Win Myint  |

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Linking Pulsed Porphyry Cu-Mo Formation to Distinct Magmatic Episodes During 30 m.y. of Pluton Emplacement in Southern Armenia, Lesser Caucasus

H. Rezeau, R. Moritz, J-F. Wotzlaw, R. Tayan, S. Hovakimyan, and D. Selby  |

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Scheelite Vein Mineralization at the Watershed Tungsten Deposit, Northeast Queensland, Australia

Jaime Poblete, Zhaoshan Chang, Yanbo Cheng, Martin Griessmann, Jamie Williamson, and Isaac Corral  |

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Geology and Mineralization of the Mt Carbine Deposit, Northern QLD, Australia

Yanbo Cheng,* Zhaoshan Chang, and Jaime Poblete  |

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Hydrothermal Alteration, Mineralization and Breccias at the Zijinshan High Sulfidation Cu-Au Deposit, Fujian Province, China

Jing Chen, David R. Cooke, Lejun Zhang, and Jinping Qi  |

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Evidence for Pre- to Syn-Timiskaming Hydrothermal Activity, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada

Gregory Hufford and Thomas Monecke  |

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Statistical Data Analysis of the Guadalupe and Don Ese Ag-Au Epithermal Vein Systems to Understand the Geochemical Processes Involved in Orebody Formation

Arturo Ramirez and Philip Goodell  |

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Setting of Volcanogenic Massive Sulfides Deposits in the Paleoproterozoic Penokean Volcanic Belt, Lake Superior Region, USA

Ashley Quigley, Thomas Monecke, Patrick Quigley, and Eric Anderson  |

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Timing of Ore Mineralization at the Golpu and Nambonga North Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposits, Papua New Guinea: Insights from Re-Os Ages

Moira Lunge Bawasu and Joseph O. Espi  |

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The Karangahake Epithermal Au-Ag Deposit Hauraki Goldfield, New Zealand: A Telescoped Vein System?

Mark P. Simpson and Anthony B. Christie  |

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Structural Geology and Timing of Deformation at the Gibraltar Cu-Mo Porphyry Deposit: Controls on Mineralization, Cariboo Region, British Columbia

Nader Mostaghimi, Lori Kennedy, and Janet Gabites  |

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Magmatic-Hydrothermal Origin of the Labuzaika Gold Deposit, Western Qinling Orogen, China

Ji-xiang Sui, Jian-Wei Li, and Jia Chang  |

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Copper Isotope Systematics of Chalcopyrites in Ancient and Modern Seafloor Hydrothermal Deposits, Measured by a Femtosecond LA-MC-ICP-MS

Kei Ikehata, Junichiro Ishibashi, and Takafumi Hirata  |

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The Relationship Between Volcanic-Hydrothermal Breccias and Gold Mineralization at the Lihir Alkalic Gold Deposit, Papua New Guinea

Erin Lawlis, David R. Cooke, and Anthony C. Harris  |

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The Geochemical and Geochronological Framework of the Monywa High Sulfidation Cu and Low Sulfidation Au-Epithermal Deposits, Myanmar

Joseph Knight and Khin Zaw  |

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Late-Stage Cu and Ag Replacement at the Greens Creek Massive Sulfide Deposit, Alexander Terrane, Southeast Alaska

Nathan J. Steeves, J. Bruce Gemmell, Ross R. Large, Mark D. Hannington, and Robert Callaghan  |

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Platinum Group Elements Geochemistry Used to Distinguish Ore-Bearing from Barren Magmatic Systems at the Northparkes Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit, New South Wales

Hongda Hao, Ian H. Campbell, Jung-Woo Park, and David R. Cooke  |

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Platinum Group Element Geochemistry in Granitoids as a Fertility Indicator for Gold and Copper Mineralization

Ian Campbell, Jung-Woo Park, Helen Cocker, Jessica Lowczak, Nicole Eriks, and Hongda Hao  |

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Spatial Distribution Patterns in Lead Isotopes from the Lachlan and Delamerian Orogens: Implications for Tectonics, Metallogenesis, and Mineral Exploration in Southeast Australia

David L. Huston, David C. Champion, J. Bruce Gemmell, Peter M. Downes, Graham Carr, David Forster, and Andrew McNeill  |

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Plate Tectonic and Stress-Field Modeling of the North Arm of Sulawesi (Naos), Indonesia, to Better Understand Distribution of Mineral Deposit Styles

Krisztián Szentpéteri, Gáspár Albert, and Zsuzsanna Ungvári  |

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MT Traversing the Delamerian and Lachlan Orogens of Victoria to Illuminate Geological Structures, Fossil Fluid Pathways, and Serpentinization

Kate Robertson, David Taylor, Graham Heinson, Michael Stepan, Stephan Thiel, and Phillip Skladzien  |

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Whole-Rock and Ordered White Micas Major and Trace Element Chemistry: Implications for Volcanic-Hosted Geothermal and Epithermal Deposit Exploration

Isabelle Chambefort and John Dilles  |

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The Carbonate Base Metal Association of Precious Metal Deposits

Vic Wall and Mauricio Castaneda  |

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From Magma to Mudpool: Linking Arc Volatiles and Active Geothermal Systems with Implications for Gold Exploration

Isabelle Chambefort, Markus Wälle, Chris Heinrich, and John Dilles  |

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Geophyscial Characteristics of the Gosowong Goldfield, Indonesia

Michael Dunne and Michael Roach  |

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An Immature Back-Arc Setting for the Teutonic Bore Volcanic Complex Stratigraphy, Host to the Neoarchean Jaguar VHMS Deposit

Susan M. Belford, Garry J. Davidson, Jocelyn McPhie, and Ross R. Large  |

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Contrasting Porphyry-Skarn Copper, and Granite-Related W-Sn Deposits in South China: Spatial-Temporal Distribution and Geodynamic Settings

Jingwen Mao, Guiqing Xie, Shunda Yuan, Shenghua Wu, and Min Liu  |

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The Lost Samples of the Golden Mile: New Data Sheds Light on the Depth and Temperature of Emplacement of this Giant Gold Deposit

Kirsten U. Rempel and Phillip M. Stothard  |

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Understanding Cu-Au Metallogeny at Convergent Margins: Oxidation of the Sub-Arc Mantle and Genesis of Arc-Related Ore Deposits

Andrea Rielli and Andrew G. Tomkins  |

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Multi-element Geochemistry and Hydrothermal Alteration at the Pajingo Low Sulfidation Epithermal Gold Deposit

Ned Howard, Scott Halley, Jenny Pinder, Chris Chambers, and Roric Smith  |

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Geochemistry and Hydrothermal Alteration at the Mt Carlton High Sulfidation Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposit

Ned Howard, Tyron Edgar, Gregg Morrison, Scott Halley, David Hewitt, and Roric Smith  |

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Experimental Constraints on Hypogene Alteration: Acidic Gases and Magmatic Brines

Brian Tattitch and Jon Blundy  |

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Characteristics and Age Spatial Distribution of Gold Deposits in Western Java and Their Exploration Implications

Mega F. Rosana, Euis T. Yuningsih, K. Yonezu, A. Kuroda, S. Ikeda, H. Matsueda, and K. Watanabe  |

PDF Abstract


Mineralization Styles and Metallogenic Epochs of Sumatra

Mega F. Rosana, Khin Zaw, Abhisit Salam, and Andri Subandrio  |

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