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Ores in Sedimentary Environments

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Economic Geology of “Black Shale” Hosted Vanadium Mineralization in Xiushui County Jiangxi Province, South Eastern China

A. Lee Barker  |

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Diverse Origins of 14 Hyperenriched Black Shales in the Mississippi Valley, U.S.A.

Raymond M. Coveney, Jr.  |

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Petrology and Geochemistry of Banded Iron Formation(BIF) of Kuluketage Block, NW China: Implications for the Metallogenic Mechanism of ~1.95 Ga BIFs

Xiangdong Wang, Xinbiao Lv, and Xiaofeng Cao  |

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Source of Water, Salt, Volatiles, and Metal in Carlin-like Deposits of the Golden Triangle, Southwest China: Implications for Genetic Models

Xiao-ye Jin, Jian-wei Li, and Albert Hofstra  |

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Spatial and Temporal Relationships Between Structures, Magmatism, and Carlin-Type Gold Deposits in the Pequop Mountains, Northeast Nevada

Ajeet K. Milliard, Michael W. Ressel, and Christopher D. Henry  |

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Pyrite Chemostratigraphy in the McArthur Basin: A New Exploration Tool for Stratiform Zn-Pb Deposits

Indrani Mukherjee and Ross R. Large  |

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Cryptic Sediment-Hosted Critical Metal Mineralization from SW China: A Likely Hidden Giant Resource

Lixin Zhao, Ian Graham, Shifeng Dai, Colin Ward, and David French  |

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Overview on the Paleo-Environment and Geochemistry of the Supergene Manganese Deposit in the General Nice Manganese Mine in the North-West Province, South Africa

Kakaba Madi, Olwetu Kutta, Tembelani Lingani, and Makubalo Sisanda


New Insights from an Emerging Australian Proterozoic Polymetallic Province: Sediment-Hosted, Volcanic-Associated Cu-Ag-Pb-Zn-Au Massive Sulfide and Metasomatic Cu ± W± Mo Mineralization in the Eastern Arunta Region, Northern Territory

Matt McGloin, Anett Weisheit, Barry Reno, Eloise Beyer, Roland Maas, Jay Thompson, and Sebastien Meffre  |

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Sediment-Hosted Gold-Quartz Deposits Verkhoyansk-Kolyma Fold Region

Valery Fridovsky  |

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Time-Space Relationships Between Sediment-hosted Gold Mineralization and Intrusion-Related Polymetallic Mineralization at Kinsley Mountain, Nevada

Tyler J. Hill, John L. Muntean, Robert A. Creaser, and Moira T. Smith  |

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Noble Gases Isotopic Compositions and Their Genesis: Implications for the Polymetallic Crusts and Nodules from the South China Sea

Yao Guan, Xiaodong Jiang, and Xiaoming Sun  |

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Fe Isotope Constraints on the Genesis of the Zhaxikang Pb-Zn-Ag-Sb Deposit in Southern Tibet

Wang Da, Zheng Youye, Sun Xiang, and He Yongsheng  |

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Mineral and Chemical Indicators of Vent Fauna Abundance in Modern and Ancient Black Smoker Ecosystems

Valeriy Maslennikov, Ross Large, Svetlana Maslennikova, Leonid Danyushevsky, and Gennadiy Tretyakov  |

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Gold-rich Weathering Rinds Around Pyrite and Arsenopyrite from the Buckingham Mo-Cu Porphyry Deposit, Nevada; Evidence for Supergene Elemental Enrichment

Emily S. J. Smyk, Peter Hollings, David R. Cooke, Robert N. Lee, and Jefferson N. Lulu  |

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Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Temagami Algoma-type BIF: Metal Sources and Transport Pathways

David Diekrup, Stephen Ginley, and Mark Hannington  |

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3-D Architecture of the Jervois Cu-Pb-Zn Deposit, Northern Territory, Australia

Peter Schaubs and Susanne Schmid  |

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The Jervois Cu-Pb-Zn Deposit—A Hybrid SEDEX-VMS Mineralizing System, Northern Territory, Australia

Susanne Schmid and Peter Schaubs  |

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Exploration for SEDEX-Style Base Metals in the Lower McArthur Basin: Sniffs in the Tawallah Group, Northern Territory, Australia

Samuel C. Spinks, Susanne Schmid, Anais Pages, and Josh Bluett  |

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Fluid Inclusion and Carbon-Oxygen Isotopes Studies of Synmetamorphic Cu Deposits Hosted in the Paleoproterozoic Sedimentary Rock, Zhongtiao Mountains, China

Qiu Zhengjie, Fan Hongrui, Liu Xuan, Yang Kuifeng, Hu Fangfang, and Wen Bojie  |

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A Shallow Metamorphic Source for Tungsten (Scheelite) in the Turbidite-Hosted Orogenic Gold Deposits of the Otago Schist, New Zealand

Ben J. Cave, Ross R. Large, and Dave Craw  |

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The North Kostobe Sediment-Hosted Gold Deposit, Eastern Kazakhstan

KamHung Wong and Mei-fu Zhou  |

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Disseminated Gold in the Reefton Goldfields: Examples from OceanaGold’s Globe-Progress Mine Showing the Benefits of Microanalysis using PIXE and EMPA

Patricia Durance, Bill Trompetter, Anthony Christie, and Craig McIntosh  |

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Phosphogenesis of the Kunyang Deposit in Yunnan Province: Implications for Environmental Change at the Beginning of the Cambrian

Ze-rui Liu and Mei-fu Zhou  |

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The Paleoproterozoic Ni-Zn-Cu-Co-(Mo-V-U) –Enriched Talvivaara Formation, Finland: GOE-Related Coastal Acid Sulfate Soil Drainage and Tidal Resedimentation of Estuarine Metalliferous Monosulfidic Black Muds—A New Ore Forming Process?

Jaakko J. Laitala, Raimo Lahtinen, Joonas J. Virtasalo, and Martin J. Whitehouse  |

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Controls of Sulfide Mineralization at the Kamoa Copper Deposit, with an Emphasis on Structural Controls, SE Democratic Republic of Congo

Franck Twite, David Broughton, Paul Nex, Judith Kinnaird, and David Edwards  |

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Trace Elements in Sedimentary Pyrite and Gold Content from Selected Black Shale Formations in Malaysia: Evidence of Diagenetic Gold Enrichment in the Ocean

Charles Makoundi, Ross R. Large, Khin Zaw, Mohd Shafeea Leman, and Kamal Roslan  |

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Sulfur Isotope Implications for the Genesis of Orogenic Gold Deposits in Southeastern Guizhou Province, China

Liu Anlu, Zhang Jun, and Chen Yi  |

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Utilizing High-Resolution Aeromagnetic Datasets for Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Kalahari Copperbelt, Botswana and Namibia, and Implications for Sedimentary Rock-Hosted Cu-Ag Mineralization

Wesley S. Hall, Piret Plink-Bjorklund, Murray W. Hitzman, Yaoguo Li, Bruce D. Trudgill, and M. Stephen Enders  |

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Geologic Controls on Mineralization at Khoemacau’s Zone 5 Cu-Ag Deposit, Kalahari Copper Belt, North West District, Botswana

Catherine Knight, John Deane, David J. Catterall, and M. Stephen Enders  |

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Fluid Flow and Reactive Mass Transport Modeling of Ore Genesis in Sedimentary Basins: Example of Unconformity-Related Uranium Deposits

Jianwen Yang and Yousef Beiraghdar Aghbelagh  |

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Igneous-Rock Hosted Orogenic Gold Deposit at Hog Mountain, Tallapoosa County, Alabama

Safak Ozsarac and Jim Saunders  |

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Paragenesis, Re-Os Systematics, and in situ Sulfur Isotopic Composition of the Anarraaq Zn-Pb-Ag-Ba Deposit, Red Dog District, Northwestern Alaska, USA

Merilie A. Reynolds, Sarah A. Gleeson, Robert A. Creaser, and Richard A. Stern  |

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Metal Enrichment and Evolution of Zn-Pb-Fe Sulfides in Grieves Siding Peat, Western Tasmania, Australia

Richelle Awid-Pascual, Vadim Kamenetsky, Karsten Goemann,2 Neil Allen, Taryn L Noble, Bernd G Lottermoser, and Thomas Rodemann  |

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Spatial and Temporal Relationships Between Carlin-Style Gold and Polymetallic Mineralization at the Deep Cove Gold-Silver Deposit, Lander County, Nevada

Wilson Bonner and John Muntean  |

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Trace Element Compositions of the Daqiao Sediment-Hosted Gold Deposit, Western Qinling Orogen, China: Implications for Ore Genesis

Ya-Fei Wu, Jian-Wei Li, and Shi-Da Lu  |

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Giant Ore Deposits, Giant Stable Isotope Alteration Footprints?

Shaun L.L. Barker, Andreas Beinlich,, Gregory M. Dipple, Kenneth A. Hickey, William A. Lepore, Jeremy R. Vaughan, and Craig Hart  |

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Geology and Mineralization Characteristics of the Modi Taung Orogenic Gold Deposit, Central Myanmar

Jonathon Traynor, Tobias Eskine, Khin Zaw, Ross Large, Charles Makoundi, and Joe Knight  |

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Investigation of Metal Associations in the Metal-Rich Black Shales of the Niutitang Formation in the Context of the Cambrian Explosion

Anais Pagès, Steve Barnes, Susanne Schmid, Haifeng Fan, and Hanjie Wen  |

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Geological Setting and Nature of Mineralization at Meyon Gold Deposit, Southern Myanmar

Zaw Naing Oo and Khin Zaw  |

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Uranium Mobilization and Enrichment in Sedimentary Basin Environments of the Paleo-Mesoproterozoic: Insights from Geochemical Modelling

Evgeniy Bastrakov, Roger Skirrow, and David Huston  |

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Recrystallization of Metastable Arsenian Pyrite as a Source of Metals for Metamorphic Fluids

Aleksandr Stepanov, Ross Large, Sebastien Meffre, Karsten Goemann, and Leonid Danyushevsky  |

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Uranium-Bearing Minerals of the Black Slate in the Okcheon Metamorphic Belt, South Korea

Young Jae Kim, Jieun Seo, Sue-A Kang, Seon Yong Lee, Seon-Gyu Choi, and Young Jae Lee  |

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Combined U-Pb-Hf Zircon Geochronology and Pyrite Multiple Sulfur Isotopes of Au-(U)-Bearing Conglomerates of Jacobina Basin, Brazil: New Insights about the Sources of Mineralization

Guilherme Teles, Farid Chemale, Janaina Ávila, and Trevor Ireland  |

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Volatile Element Haloes of Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits of the Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick, Canada: Implications of Mineral Micro-Chemical Vectors by Laser Ablation ICP-MS Systematics in VMS Exploration

Azam Soltani Dehnavi, David R. Lentz, and Christopher R.M. McFarlane  |,,

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Characterization of the Diagenesis, Alteration, and Cu Mineralization in the Cretaceous Sedimentary Rocks of the Tordillos Deposit, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

María Josefina Pons, Marta Franchini, Lawrence Meinert, Adolfo Giusiano, Agnes Impiccini, Daniel Beaufort, Patricia Patrier, and Ana Laura Rainoldi  |

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Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes in Sediment-hosted Stratiform Copper Deposit, in Nahand- Ivand Area, NW Iran

Seyedeh Narges Sadati, Mohammd Yazdi, and Jingwen Mao  |

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Deformation, Metamorphism and Hydrothermal-Metasomatic Alteration of the Neoproterozoic BIF-type Fe-Co-Cu Ore District in Hainan Province, South China: Implications for Mineralization

Deru Xu, Zhilin Wang, Huayong Chen, Peter Hollings, and Nonna Bakun-Czubarow  |

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The Nature and Origin of the Brucejack High-Grade Epithermal Gold Deposit, British Columbia, Canada

Duncan F. McLeish, Anthony E. Williams-Jones, and Warwick S. Board  |

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Gold Remobilization in the Giant Obuasi Deposit

Denis Fougerouse and Steven Micklethwaite  |

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Multi-Stage Enrichment Processes for Large Gold-Bearing Ore Deposits

Sebastien Meffre, Ross R. Large, Jeffrey A. Steadman, Daniel D. Gregory, Aleksandr Stepanov, Vadim Kamenetsky, Kathy Ehrig, and Robert J. Scott

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