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Post-Collisional Ores

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Scheelite Trace Elements and Sr-Nd Isotopic Signatures: Implications for the W-Cu-Mo Polymetallic Mineralization of Dahutang Tungsten Deposit in the Jiangxi Province, China

Keke Sun and Bin Chen  |

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Mesothermal Gold Mineralization of Galat Sufar South Nubian Desert of Sudan

Eyob Fisseha, Stuart Mills, and Hugh Stuart  |

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Alunite Occurrences in the Sapes Porphyry-Epithermal Deposit, Ne Greece, and Their Genetic Relation to High-Sulfidation Epithermal Cu-Au-Ag-Te Deposition

Panagiotis Voudouris, Panagiotis Papazotos, and Maria Vlachomitrou  |

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Porphyry-Related Mo-Pb-Zn-Ag Veins in the Fudian Ore Field, Southern North China Craton

Zhan-Ke Li, Jian-Wei Li, and David R. Cooke  |

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Geology, Mineralization, and Fluid Inclusion Constraints on the Genesis of the Zhibula Cu Skarn Deposit, Gangdese Belt, Tibet

Jing Xu, Youye Zheng, and Xiang Sun  |

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Post-collisional Alkalic Porphyry Au-Cu Mineralization Controlled by Reactivated Extensional Subbasin Faults: Cadia East, NSW, Australia

Nathan Fox, Anthony C. Harris, and David R. Cooke  |

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The Spatial and Temporal Significance of Alteration Associated with Gold-Bearing Structures in the Greater Revenge Area, St. Ives, Western Australia

Barbara M. Duggan, T. Campbell McCuaig, and John M. Miller  |

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Petrography, Isotope and Fluid Inclusion Studies of the Late Cretaceous Au-Ag and Polymetallic Beqtakari Prospect: New Example of an Epithermal Volcanic System in the Bolnisi Mining District, Lesser Caucasus, Georgia

Jonathan Lavoie, Robert Moritz, Nino Popkhadze, and Jorge Spangenberg  |

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Petrogenesis and Mineralization of the Bengge Au Deposit, Northwestern Yunnan, China

Jiang Lili, Xue Chuandong, Mo Xuanxue, and Hou Zengqian  |

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Petrogenesis of the Intrusions in the Zhunuo Porphyry Cu Deposit and Implications for Miocene Porphyry Cu-Mo ± Au Mineralization in the Gangdese Belt, Southern Tibet

Xiang Sun and Youye Zheng  |

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Exhumation-Driven Devolatilization as a Fluid Source for Orogenic Gold Mineralization

Alistair White, David Waters, and Laurence Robb  |

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Geology and Mineralization of the Giant Yulong Porphyry Copper-Molybdenum Deposit, Eastern Tibetan Plateau

Jia Chang and Jian-Wei Li  |

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High-Precision U-Pb Zircon Chronostratigraphy of the Mount Read Volcanic Belt in Western Tasmania, Australia: New Results and Implications for VHMS Exploration

Michael J. Vicary, James K. Mortensen, Andrew W. McNeill, J. Bruce Gemmell, and Richard M. Friedman  |

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Improved Porphyry Alteration Models Using Hyperspectral Mapping of Core: The Importance of Mica Abundance, Chemistry, and Crystallinity

Brigette A. Martini, Kathryn Conroy, and Ronell Carey  |

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The Link Between Epithermal Pb-Zn-Sb Mineralization and Magmatic Fluid: The Zhaxikang Deposit in Tibet, China

Yuling Xie, Bogong Wang, Yingxu Li Guangming Li, Hongfei Liu, Suiliang Dong, Jinshu Zhang, and Kaifeng Xu  |

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Neoproterozoic Basement Structures Control New Guinea Deep Structure

Alan P.M. Vaughan, Christian Seiler, Andrew J. Bladon, Jennifer F. Ellis, and Sugeng Widodo  |

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Structural Analysis of the Archean France River Shear Zone and Its Gold Mineralization, Chibougamau, Superior Province, Québec

Christine Vézina, Yannick Daoudene, Alain Tremblay, and François Leclerc  |

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