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IOCG and Magnetite-Apatite Deposits

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New Insights into Mineralogy of Olympic Dam Acquired Through Spectroscopy

Alan J. Mauger, Kathy Ehrig, Alkis Kontonikas-Charos, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, and Nigel J. Cook  |

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The ~820 Ma Mafic Rocks at the Olympic Dam Iron Oxide Cu-U-Au Deposit: An Alteration Analysis

Qiuyue Huang, Vadim S. Kamenetsky, Jocelyn McPhie, Kathy Ehrig, Sebastien Meffre, Roland Mass, Olga Apukhtina, Maya Kamenetsky, and Isabelle Chambefort  |

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Is the Zhaokalong Fe-Cu Polymetallic Deposit an IOCG Deposit?

Huan Li and Xiao-Shuang Xi  |

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Regional Geologic Setting of the Mesoproterozoic Iron Oxide Ore Systems of Southeast Missouri, USA

Warren C. Day, John Aleinikoff, Cheryl M. Seeger, and John F. Slack  |

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Zr-in-Rutile and Ti-in-Quartz Thermometry Support a Metasomatic Origin for the Pea Ridge Iron Oxide-Apatite-REE Deposit, Southeast Missouri, USA

Corey J. Meighan, Albert H. Hofstra, Erin E. Marsh, Heather A. Lowers, Alan E. Koenig, and Murray W. Hitzman  |

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Evolution of Uranium Minerals at Olympic Dam, South Australia

Edeltraud Macmillan, Nigel J. Cook, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Kathy Ehrig, Vadim S. Kamenetsky, Jay Thompson, and Allan Pring  |

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Magnetite-Apatite Deposits in the Middle-Lower Yangtze River Valley Metallogenic Belt, Eastern China

Taofa Zhou, Yu Fan, Feng Yuan, Shiwei Wang, Dayu Zhang, and Noel White  |

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Petrography and Provenance of Bedded Sedimentary Units Within the Olympic Dam Deposit

Alexander R. Cherry, Vadim S. Kamenetsky, Kathy Ehrig, Jocelyn McPhie, Maya Kamenetsky, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, and Nigel J. Cook  |

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Fluid Inclusion, Trace Element, and Isotopic Characteristics of Mineralization-Associated Hydrothermal Barite in the Cloncurry IOCG District, Northwest Queensland

George Case, Erin Stormont, Jan Marten Huizenga, and Zhaoshan Chang  |

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Feldspar Reequilibration Reactions in Hiltaba Suite Granites from the Olympic Dam  IOCG-(U) Deposit, South Australia

Alkis Kontonikas-Charos, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Nigel J. Cook, Kathy Ehrig, and Vadim S. Kamenetsky  |

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Lithology and Hydrothermal Alteration Control the Distribution of Copper Grade in the Prominent Hill Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold Deposit, Gawler Craton, South Australia

Tobias U. Schlegel and Christoph A. Heinrich  |

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U-Pb and Re-Os Geochronology of REE-Rich Breccia Pipes and Magnetite Ore from the Mesoproterozoic Pea Ridge Fe-REE-Au Deposit, St. Francois Mountains, Missouri, USA

John Aleinikoff, Leonid Neymark, David Selby, Warren Day, John Slack, Christopher Holm-Denoma, Renee Pillers, Cheryl Seeger, and Iain Samson  |

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Graphite Behavior in Hydrothermal Systems: Examples from the World-Class Mesoproterozoic Merlin Mo-Re Deposit, Queensland, Australia

Subira Sharma, Garry Davidson, David Cooke, and Thomas Rodemann  |

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Deep, Paragenetically Early Mineralization at the Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag Deposit

Olga Apukhtina, Vadim Kamenetsky, Kathy Ehrig, Jocelyn McPhie, Maya Kamenetsky, Roland Maas, Sebastien Meffre, Qiuyue Huang, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, and Nigel J. Cook  |

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The Cloncurry District Mineral System; An IOCG Exploration Perspective

Richard Lilly, David Holwell, Benjamin Francis, Megan Williams, Lisa Craddock, George Case, and Mikaella Rough  |

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Apatite in the Olympic Dam IOCG System and Adjacent Prospects: Insights into Magmatic and Hydrothermal Evolution

Sasha Krneta, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Nigel J. Cook, Kathy Ehrig, and Vadim S. Kamenetsky  |

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Mineral and Melt Inclusion Constraints on the Petrogenesis of Regional Magmas and Magnetite Ore from the Pea Ridge (IOA-REE) and Boss Bixby (IOCG) Deposits, USA

Celestine N. Mercer, Kathryn E. Watts, Corey J. Meighan, and Mitchell M. Bennett  |

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Magnetite from End-Permian Phreatomagmatic Pipes of the Tunguska Basin: A Comparison with Benchmark Chilean and Australian IOCG Deposits and Magnetite of the Bushveld Complex

Alexander G. Polozov, Henrik H. Svensen, Sverre Planke, Irina G. Griboedova, Else-Ragnhild Neumann, Amy L. Rhodes, and Franco Pirajno

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Tracking Ore Fluid Chemistry from Chemical Zonation of Minerals: Elemental Distribution and Oxidation State of Arsenic in Synthesized and Natural Hydrothermal Apatite

Weihua Liu, Mark Pearce, Chris Ryan, Barbara Etschmann, Joël Brugger, and David Paterson  |

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The High-Grade Mo-Re(-Cu) Mount Dore and Merlin Deposit, Cloncurry District, Australia: Ore Genesis

Joao Babo, Carl Spandler, Mike Rubenach, Nick Oliver, Mat Brown, and Damian Jungmann  |

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Formation and Destruction of IOCG-Type Mineralization in the Olympic Dam District

Yulia A. Uvarova, Mark A. Pearce, Weihua Liu, James S. Cleverley, Robert M. Hough, and Louise A. Fisher  |

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Microstructures and Mineralogy of a World-Class Graphite Deposit

Mark A. Pearce, Bélinda M. Godel, and Mark Thompson  |

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Role of Low Metamorphic Grade Sedimentary Successions in the Eastern Gawler Craton and on the Formation of Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold Mineralization in the Olympic Cu-Au Province, Gawler Craton

Anthony Reid  |

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Tennant Creek Style Au-Bi-Cu Mineralization: Integrated Geologic Model and Constraints on the Timing of the Tennant Creek Supersuite, Northern Territory, Australia

Ana Liza G. Cuison, Grant A. Osborne, Steve C. Russell, Robert T. Bills, and Matthew P. Hill  |

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