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Iron Ore Deposits

*Senior author is a student


Structural Control, Hydrothermal Alteration Zonation, and Fluid Chemistry of the Concealed, High-Grade Orebody at the Paraburdoo 4E Deposit, Western Australia

Warren Thorne, Steffen Hagemann, and Hilke Dalstra  |

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The Savage River Magnetite Orebodies: Structural and Textural Clues to the Origin of Tasmania's Largest Metal Deposit

Anthony Webster and Victoria Braniff  |

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Nanoinclusions in Magnetite, Ma On Shan Fe Skarn Deposit, Hong Kong

Wen Winston Zhao* and Mei-Fu Zhou  |

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Stratigraphy of the Chichester Range – Implications for BIF Deposition in the Hamersley Province

Luiz Ferreira and Matthew Crowe  |

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The Mount Tom Price Iron Ore Deposit (Hamersley Province, Western Australia)—3D Structural Evolution and Implications for the Formation of High-Grade Iron Ore

Mathias S. Egglseder, Alexander R. Cruden, and Hilke J. Dalstra  |

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Fingerprint of Fluid Flow in Alteration Halos Around High-Grade Hematite Orebodies

Henning Reichardt and Rebecca Gallagher  |

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Geochemistry of the Yandicoogina Paleochannel: From Headwaters to Main Body

Eric Schrimsher  |

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Banded Iron Formations and Associated Detrital Iron Deposits of the Western Congo Craton

Bert De Waele, Mathieu Lacorde, and Justin Rivers  |

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The Boolgeeda Iron Formation: A Strategic Resource Potential

Zebedee Zivkovic  |

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Metallogenic Environment Changes During the Late Carboniferous to Early Permian for Iron and Copper Deposits in the Awulale Region, Western Tianshan, China

Zuoheng Zhang, Shigang Duan, Zongsheng Jiang, and Fengming Li  |

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Targeting Channel Iron Deposits in the Hamersley Province of Western Australia

Guillaume Duclaux, Erick Ramanaidou, and Tristan Salles  |

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