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Exploration Under Cover (SGA)

*Senior author is a student


Pyrite Nodules in Black Shales: Recorders of Craton-Scale Mineralization and Indicators of Basin Fertility for Orogenic Gold and VHMS Cu-Zn Deposits in the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, Western Australia

Jeffrey A. Steadman and Ross R. Large  |

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The Discovery of Halogens in the Ores at Broken Hill, NSW: Economic Implications of Sulfide Melting

P.W. Millsteed and J.A. Mavrogenes  |

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Bayesian Lithological Inversion

Juerg Hauser, David Annetts, and James Gunning  |

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The DeGrussa Au-Cu-VMS Deposit, Western Australia: Element Dispersion in a Tertiary Palaeochannel System

Ignacio González-Álvarez, Walid Salama, Monica leGra, Paul Hilliard, and Richard Beckley  |

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Termitaria Geochemistry for Uranium Exploration in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia

Ignacio González-Álvarez, Aaron Stewart, Ravinder Anand, Penny Sinclair, Walid Salama, Jamie Laird, Tania Ibrahimi, and Tenten Pinchand  |

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Gold- and Molybdenum-Tungsten–Bearing Mineral Systems of the Southern Thomson Orogen, Australia

Sheree Armistead and Roger Skirrow  |

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A Positive Correlation with Ni and Ni/Co of Disseminated Ore in Poyi and Poshi Magmatic Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits in Beishan Region, NW China

Xiao Liu and Xinbiao Lü  |

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The Orisyvo Discovery, Chihuahua, Mexico: Hidden Gold on a 1000 Meter Cliff

David A. Giles and Guillermo Gastelum-Morales  |

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Mineral Exploration in Areas Covered by Glacial Diamictites Using Indicator Heavy Minerals, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

Walid Salama and Ravi Anand  |

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Significance of Regolith-Landscape Evolution for Exploration of Copper Deposits, Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia

Walid Salama  |

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Uncovering Deep Mineralization Using Seismic Reflection

Greg Turner, Graeme Hird, Jai Kinkela, Don Pridmore, and Milovan Urosevic  |

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New SEDEX (?) and MVT Provinces Discovered Under Shallow Cover in the Southern Georgina Basin

Mathew Davies, Christopher Woodfull, and Peter Stuart-Smith  |

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Spatial Uncertainty Modeling for Geochemical Elements Under Cover, Based on a Geostatistical Simulation Method

Haicheng Wang, Qiuming Cheng, and Renguang Zuo  |

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Structural Controls on Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Deposit Formation in an Intra-Continental Rift Setting, the Northern Nevada Rift, USA

Justin B. Milliard and John Muntean  |

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Exploration Through Cover: The Ernest Henry and E1 Discovery Case Studies, Cloncurry District, North West Queensland

Richard Lilly and Terry Harvey  |

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Uranium Prospectivity Mapping Across the Australian Continent via Unsupervised Cluster Analysis of Integrated Remote Sensing Data

Matthew J. Cracknell, Anya M. Reading, and Patrice de Caritat  |

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Towards User Friendly Data-Driven Minerals Exploration: Lithological Mapping in an Orogenic Gold Setting

Stephen Kuhn, Matthew J. Cracknell, Anya M. Reading, and Michael Roach  |

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Pyrite Compositions from Orogenic Gold and VHMS Deposits from Western Australia

Ivan Belousov, Ross Large, Sebastien Meffre, Leonid Danyushevsky, Jeffrey Steadman, and Trevor Beardsmore  |

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Nickel Sulfide Prospectivity of Australia: A Mineral Systems GIS Model

Helen Dulfer, Roger Skirrow, David Champion, Karol Czarnota, Jane Thorne, Lindsay Highet, and Rohan Coghlan  |

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The Use of a Gold Absorbing Resin for Regional Hydrogeochemical Exploration, Towards the Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia

Nathan Reid, David Gray, and Andrew Lucas  |

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Epidote Chemistry in Contrasting Hydrothermal and Metamorphic Environments

Clara C. Wilkinson, Eloise M. Harman, and Jamie J. Wilkinson  |

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Mapping Mineral Systems Footprints Through Cover – Linking Remote and Proximal Surface Geochemical and Mineralogical Data to Bedrock Geology

Heta Lampinen, Carsten Laukamp, Scott Halley, Lyndon Hardy, Sandra Occhipinti, T. Campbell McCuaig, and Marco Fiorentini  |

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Generating Multi-Scale Geological Logs from Drill Hole Data

June Hill, Jesse Robertson, and Yulia Uvarova  |

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Geochemical Background: A Statistical Approach to Anomaly Detection

Alistair White, Mark Pearce, Holly Meadows, Joe Treacy, Jeremy Robinson  |

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Variations in Whole-Rock and Mineral Compositions as Exploration Vectors for VHMS Deposits in the Que-Hellyer District, Tasmania, Australia

Selina Wu, J. Bruce Gemmell, Andrew W. McNeill, and Steve M. Richardson  |

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Linking Crustal Growth to Orogenic Gold and Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization Using U-Pb Geochronology in Zircons in the Marmion Terrane (3.0 Ga), Western Superior Craton, Canada

Katarina Bjorkman, Yongjun Lu, T. Campbell McCuaig, Peter Hollings, and Gary Beakhouse  |

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Identifying Carbonate Alteration Signatures and Vectors Toward Mineralization in the Sams Creek Dike-Hosted Gold Deposit

Ryan J. Lee and Shaun L.L. Barker  |

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A Comparison of Regolith Developed in the Yilgarn and Capricorn Regions of Western Australia and Implications for Mineral Exploration

Robert Thorne, Ravi Anand, and Sam Spinks  |

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Petro Physical Properties and Geophysical Responses of the Benambra VHMS Deposits, Victoria, Australia

Will Rowlands, Michael Roach, and Jacob Paggi  |

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In Situ Sulfur Isotopes from Mineral Systems in the Proterozoic Capricorn Orogen

Vikraman Selvaraja, Crystal LaFlamme, Marco Fiorentini, and Heejin Jeon  |

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Geochemical Exploration for Oxide Copper in a Regolith-Dominated Terrane Using pXRF Analyses of Soil

Michael F. Gazley, Louise A. Fisher, Walid Salama, and Lindsay Bonnett  |

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Trace Element Variations in TiO2 due to Polymorphism and Age: Implications for Rutile as a Pathfinder Mineral in Complex Terranes

Diana Plavsa, Steven Reddy, Chris Clark, and Andrew Kylander-Clark  |

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