Oral Presentations

Session 1: Ores in subduction-related arcs: New examples; relations and controls

Chair: David Cooke, CODES, University of Tasmania

Overview of the Tectonic Setting and Geology of Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposits Along the Eastern Sunda Magmatic Arc, Indonesia

Adi Maryono  |  adi.maryono@jresources.com

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Dynamics of Fluid Pathways and Fluid Flow in Intrusion-Related Hydrothermal Systems: Insights from Ore Deposits, Seismicity, and Numerical Modeling

Stephen Cox, Arnd Flatten, and David Beck  |  stephen.cox@anu.edu.au

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Stretched to the Limit: An Extensional Detachment Setting for the Gosowong Epithermal Goldfield, Halmahera, Indonesia


David Selley, Nicholas Jansen, Daud Silitonga, Antonius Bambang, Dadan Wardiman, Nicholas Fitzpatrick, and Anthony Harris  |  d.selley@utas.edu.au

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Hydrothermal Transport of Ag, Au, Cu, Te, and Other Metals in High-Temperature Geothermal Systems, North Island, New Zealand: Implications for Genesis and Exploration of Epithermal Deposits

Stuart F. Simmons, Kevin L. Brown, and Benjamin M. Tutolo  |  stuart@hotsolutions.co.nz

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