Technical Program

Plenary Sessions

Paul Agnew headshot

Talk Title:  What industry wants from research

Speaker:  Paul Agnew

Murray Hitzman headshot

Talk Title:  What research can deliver for industry

Speaker:  Murray Hitzman

John F.H. Thompson headshot

Talk Title:  Exploration—the role of innovation

Speaker:  John F.H. Thompson

Anthony Harris headshot

Talk Title:  High-resolution VNIR-SWIR core logging; a revolutionary new tool for exploration, mining, and research

Speaker:  Anthony Harris

Steve Walters headshot

Talk Title:  The emergence and continuing evolution of geometallurgy: What every economic geologist should know about improving project value

Speaker:  Steve Walters

Allan Trench headshot

Talk Title:  Mineral sector value and risk in 4D: Discovery to dismantling

Speakers:  Allan Trench, John P. Sykes (SGA Lecture)

Rodney Allen headshot

Talk Title:  New insight into the links between major porphyry copper, IOCG, and magnetite-apatite deposits from the Gällivare area, northern Sweden

Speakers:  David Drejing-Carroll, Tobias Bauer, Peter Karlsson, David Coller, Roger Nordin, Murray Hitzman, Rodney Allen

Cornel de Ronde headshot

Talk Title:  Developments in seafloor mineralization of intraoceanic arcs

Speaker:  Cornel de Ronde

Sarah-Jane Barnes headshot

Talk Title:  Trace element contents of magmatic sulfide and oxide minerals—how can we use this information in ore deposits studies?

Speaker:  Sarah-Jane Barnes
(2015 SEG Distinguished Lecturer)

Trifecta Talks on Discovery, Exploration, and Geometallurgy

Allan Trench headshot

Talk Title:  Olympic Dam IOCG deposit (BHP Billiton)

Speakers:  Kathy Ehrig, Douglas Haynes

Talk Title:  Red Dog: From Discovery to Recovery Above the Arctic Circle (Teck)

Speakers:  Andrew Davies, Nick Hayward, Anelda van Staden

James Lang headshot

Talk Title:  Pebble porphyry deposit (Northern Dynasty Minerals)

Speakers:  James Lang, Brian McNulty, Cassady Harraden

Nicholas Fitzpatrick headshot

Talk Title:  Unlocking the giant Ladolam gold deposit from discovery through to recovery (Newcrest)

Speakers:  Nicholas Fitzpatrick, William Clarke, Karyn Gardner

Controversies (Wednesday, September 30, 2015)

Part 1: 20 Minutes Talks (2:30 pm - 3:30 pm)

Speakers:  Ross Large, Victor Wall, Larry Meinert

Break (3:30 pm - 4:00 pm)

Part 2: Panel Discussion With Audience (2:30 pm - 3:30 pm)

Moderator:  Mark Hannington
Panel Members:  Ross Large, Larry Meinert, Victor Wall, Nicholas Oliver, Jim Mungall, Murray Hitzman

Thematic Technical Sessions

Theme 1: Ores in subduction-related arcs: new examples; relations and controls

(Coordinator: David R. Cooke)

Talk Title:  Trace elements in pyrite in the Lepanto high sulfidation epithermal deposit, Philippines, and genetic implications
Speakers:  Zhaoshan Chang, J. Hedenquist, N. White, D. Cooke, L. Burley

Talk Title:  Dynamics of fluid pathways and fluid flow in intrusion-related hydrothermal systems: insights from ore deposits, seismicity and numerical modelling
Speakers:  Stephen Cox, A. Flatten, D. Beck

Talk Title:  Overview of the tectonic setting and geology of porphyry copper-gold deposits along the eastern Sunda Magmatic Arc, Indonesia
Speaker:  Adi Maryono

Talk Title:  Stretched to the limit: an extensional detachment setting for the Gosowong epithermal goldfield, Halmahera, Indonesia
Speakers:  David Selley, N. Jansen, D. Silitonga, A. Bambang, D. Wardiman, N. Fitzpatrick, A. Harris

Talk Title:  Hydrothermal transport of Ag, Au, Cu, Te, and other metals in high-temperature geothermal systems, North Island, New Zealand: Implications for genesis and exploration of epithermal deposits
Speakers:  Stuart Simmons, K. Brown, B. Tutolo

Talk Title:  Hypogene and exotic copper mineralization at the Mercedario porphyry copper prospect, Central Andes, Argentina
Speaker:  Alan Wilson

Talk Title:  Hydrothermal alteration of carbonaceous mudstones hosting the Eskay Creek Au deposit, British Columbia
Speaker:  Tom Meuzelaar, T. Monecke

Theme 2: Ores in sedimentary environments: new examples; sources, transport, deposition and hydrology

(Coordinator: Ross Large)

Talk Title:  Are there Carlin-type gold deposits in China? Similarities and differences between deposits of Guizhou, China, and Nevada, USA
Speakers:  Jean Cline, Z. Xie, Y. Xia

Talk Title:  The Luxi gold belt of southwest China's Yunnan Province: A true analogue for "Carlin" (Nevada) style gold mineralization?
Speaker:  Lee Barker

Talk Title:  Still stuck in the mud: Reevaluation of stratiform gold in the Upper Popovich Formation, northern Carlin trend, Nevada
Speakers:  Robert Scott, P. Emsbo, K. Goemann

Talk Title:  Fingerprinting mineralization in the North Australia craton during the amalgamation and breakup of the Nuna/Columbia Supercontinent
Speakers:  Alexis Lambeck, D. Huston, G. Gibson, K. Barovich

Talk Title:  The trace element content of sedimentary pyrite in the Neoarchean, an example from the mineralized St Ives Au district and the unmineralized Bee Gorge Member: Implications for future gold exploration
Speakers:  Daniel Gregory, R. Large, J. Steadman, S. Wu, L. Danyushevsky, S. Bull, P. Holden, T. Ireland

Talk Title:  Chemistry of pyrite from the Selwyn basin area, Yukon: From established SEDEX zinc district to emerging sediment-hosted gold district
Speakers:  Patrick Sack, R. Large, M. Nordling, E. Loumejeva, L. Danyushevsky

Talk Title:  Ore controls in the White Mountain breccia-hosted gold deposit, Jilin Province, northeastern China
Speakers:  Halley Keevil, T. Monecke, R. Goldfarb, G. Collins, T. Feng, T. Baker

Talk Title:  A new genetic model for mineralization in the Irish Zn-Pb Orefield
Speakers:  Jamie Wilkinson, M. Hitzman

Talk Title:  Hot and acidic—the geochemistry of vent fluids from shale-hosted massive sulfide deposits at Macmillan Pass, Selwyn Basin
Speakers:  Joseph Mangall, S. Gleeson, S. Paradis

Talk Title:  Sediment-hosted Cu in Zambia: Mineralization controlled by ductile deformation, basin architecture, or both?
Speakers:  Clemens Augenstein, D. Wood, M. Hitzman, J. Beeson, D. Jack

Talk Title:  Implications of Paleozoic flora and fauna in the northern Katanga Basin for sedimentation and mineralization in the Central African Copperbelt
Speakers:  Timothy Ireland, I. Stefanov, W. Zukowski, T. Jelezarsky

Talk Title:  Primary metal enrichment at the black-shale hosted Talvivaara Ni-Zn-Cu-Co-U deposit, Finland: links to Paleoproterozoic seawater?
Speakers:  Sean Johnson, R. Large, P. McGoldrick, A. Boyce, S. Meffre, A. Kontinen

Talk Title:  Rethinking models for Phanerozoic orogenic gold deposits
Speakers:  James Mortensen, D. Craw, D. MacKenzie, M. Allan, R. Chapman

Theme 3: Magmatic deposits: new examples; characteristics and mechanisms

(Coordinator: Stephen Barnes)

Talk Title:  Sulfur transfer into mafic magma from sediment—Reaction of sedimentary sulfides with and into mafic magmas
Speakers:  Sarah-Jane Barnes, N. Samalens

Talk Title:  Evidence for fluid- and gas-driven magmatic Ni-Fe-Cu-PGE-rich sulfide ore deposition associated with mantle metasomatism in the Valmaggia ultramafic pipe, Ivrea-Verbano, Italy
Speakers:  Marilena Moroni, M. Fiorentini, S. Caruso, M. Frezzotti, G. Sessa

Talk Title:  The Vologochan deposit as a new important Cu-Ni-PGE source in the Noril'sk district, Russia: Geological structure, mineralogy, and geochemistry
Speakers:  Nadezhda Krivolutskaya, A. Sobolev, K. Malitch, S. Sluzhenikin, D. Kuzmin, I. Badanina, N. Svirskaya

Talk Title:  The Avebury nickel deposit, Tasmania, Australia: Further insights into the genesis of a significant unconventional nickel sulfide deposit
Speakers:  Reid Keays, B. Mackay-Scollay

Talk Title:  Petrogenesis of the ferrogabbroic intrusions and associated Fe-Ti-V mineralization within the McFaulds greenstone belt, Superior Province, Ontario, Canada
Speakers:  Peter Hollings, B. Kuzmich, M. Houlé

Talk Title:  A quantitative analysis of the Ni-Cu-PGE–bearing Parkin and Trill offset dikes, Sudbury Impact Structure, Canada
Speakers:  Adam Coulter, G. Osinski, M. Bertelli, A. McDonald, J. Bailey, A. Penték, D. Smith

Talk Title:  Spinel formation during thermomechanical erosion of footwall basalt beneath a sulfide melt pool at the komatiite-hosted Ni-Cu(-PGE) Moran deposit, Kambalda, Western Australia
Speakers:  Sebastian Staude, L. LeVaillant, S. Barnes

Talk Title:  A new type of PGE-rich sulfide mineralization in the lower troctolites from the Yoko-Dovyren layered intrusion (Southern Siberia, Russia)
Speakers:  Leonid Danyushevsky, A. Ariskin, G. Nikolaev, E. Kislov, S. Gilbert, K. Goemann, D. Hutchinson, A. Malyshev

Talk Title:  Effects of serpentinization on dunite-hosted disseminated Ni sulfide ore, Agnew-Wiluna belt, Western Australia
Speaker:  Martin Gole

Talk Title:  Concentrating sulfide melts in active magma pathways using chaotic mixing
Speakers:  Jess Robertson, S. Barnes, G. Metcalfe

Talk Title:  Crustal-scale magma flow networks and magmatic ore deposits: predicting needles in haystacks
Speakers:  Alexander Cruden, S. Barnes, B. Saumur, J. van Otterloo

Talk Title:  Physical controls of nucleation, growth, and migration of vapor bubbles in partially molten cumulates
Speakers:  James Mungall

Talk Title:  Sulfur and metal fertilization of the lower continental crust
Speakers:  Marco Fiorentini, M. Locmelis, J. Adam, T. Rushmer, F. Zaccarini, G. Garuti, Z. Vukmanovic, S. Caruso, M. Moroni, S. Barnes, S. Reddy, B. Godel

Theme 4: Geometallurgy through the mining chain

(Coordinator: Julie Hunt)

Talk Title:  Embracing step-changes in geoscientific inputs for effective implementation of geometallurgy
Speakers:  Stephen Coward, H. Pass

Talk Title:  Geometallurgy at Tropicana: Mine to mill implementation
Speakers:  Peter Ketelaar, B. Catto, M. Carey, D. Lawie

Talk Title:  Application of GeoMet to iron ore mine geology and planning at BHP Billiton Iron Ore
Speakers:  Bryan Wright, A. Rigby, T. Sua, M. Flanagan, B. Van Dijken

Talk Title:  Using geochemistry to inform geometallurgy at the Productora Cu-Au-Mo deposit, Chile
Speakers:  Angela Escolme, R. Berry, J. Hunt, W. Potma

Talk Title:  Establishing the geometallurgical flow sheet for industrial mineral operations
Speakers:  Aleksandra Lang, S. Løve Ellefmo, K. Aasly

Talk Title:  The geometallurgy of arsenic in copper ores: An analysis of ore supply vs. smelter treatment capacity and implications for exploration models and deposit valuations
Speaker:  Alan Riles

Talk Title:  Using assay data to map mineralogy and alteration to help develop a predictive geometallurgical model for the Taca Taca Cu-Mo-Au porphyry deposit, Argentina
Speakers:  Gisela Cobeñas, S. Halley

Theme 5: Post-collisional ores: new examples; characteristics, relationships and genesis

(Coordinator: Anthony Harris)

Talk Title:  High-precision Re-Os molybdenite ages for porphyry- and skarn-style Cu-Au mineralization at Ok Tedi, Papua New Guinea
Speakers:  Peter Pollard, R. Smillie, H. Stein, D. Hastings

Talk Title:  Tourmaline mineral chemistry as a tool to discriminate mineralized from barren Sn granites from western Tasmania, Australia
Speakers:  Wei Hong, D. Cooke, L. Zhang, N. Fox, J. Thompson

Talk Title:  Nanoparticles are the key to forming giant gold deposits
Speakers:  Mark Pearce, M. Gazley, L. Fisher, M. Saunders, R. Hough, C. Kong

Talk Title:  Origin of postcollisional porphyry Cu-Mo deposits in the Eastern Gangdese belt, southern Tibet
Speakers:  Rui Wang, J. Richards, Z. Hou, Z. Yang

Talk Title:  Propylitic alteration and metal mobility in porphyry systems: A case study of the Northparkes porphyry Cu-Au deposits, NSW, Australia
Speakers:  Adam Pacey, J. Wilkinson, D. Cooke

Talk Title:  High-K to shoshonitic magmatism across the northern Archean Kéména Man margin (Guinea): Implications for the late Eburnean orogenic gold mineralization
Speakers:  Aurélien Elinger, N. Thébaud, J. Davie, J. Miller, A. Zeh, C. McCuaig, E. Belousova

Talk Title:  High magmatic water content disproves genesis of postcollisional copper ore-forming high Sr/Y magmas by dehydration melting of lower crust
Speakers:  Yongjun Lu, R. Loucks, M. Fiorentini, Z. Yang, Z. Hou

Theme 6: IOCG and magnetite-apatite deposits: similarities, differences, controls and genesis

(Coordinator: Garry Davidson)

Talk Title:  Shallow to deep crustal controls on localization of Mesoproterozoic iron oxide copper-gold-rare earth element deposits in southeast Missouri (USA): Evidence from gravity and magnetic data
Speakers:  Anne McCafferty, J. Phillips

Talk Title:  A process-based explanation for IOCG diversity
Speaker:  Nicholas Oliver

Talk Title:  The Cairn Hill magnetite-sulfide deposit, Mount Woods inlier, South Australia: Ore genesis and spatial-temporal relationships with iron oxide copper-gold systems in the Gawler craton
Speakers:  Jesse Clark, N. Cook, A. Reid, A. Fabris , C. Ciobanu, P. Hill

Talk Title:  The magmatic-hydrothermal evolution of the El Laco recent iron oxide deposit
Speakers:  Fernando Tornos, F. Velasco, J. Hanchar

Talk Title:  The supergiant Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag ore deposit: Toward a new genetic model
Speakers:  Vadim Kamenetsky, K. Ehrig, R. Maas, S. Meffre, M. Kamenetsky, J. McPhie, O. Apukhtina, Q. Huang, J. Thompson, C. Ciobanu, N. Cook

Talk Title:  The evolution and potential sources of mineralizing fluids of the E1 Group of IOCG deposits, Cloncurry district, northwest Queensland, Australia: Implications from fluid inclusion and SHRIMP S isotope analyses
Speakers:  George Case, Z. Chang, J. Huizenga, R. Lilly, T. Blenkinsop

Talk Title:  Fe-Cu mineralization in the Paleozoic Aqishan-Yamansu belt, Eastern Tianshan, China: comparison to the Mesozoic Central Andean IOCG mineralization and Chilean Iron Belt
Speakers:  Huayong Chen, J. Han, X. Xiong

Talk Title:  Insights into zonation within the Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag deposit from trace element signatures of sulfide minerals
Speakers:  Nigel Cook, C. Ciobanu, K. Ehrig

Talk Title:  End-Permian mineralized phreatomagmatic pipes of the Tunguska Basin: volcanogenic IOCG deposits linked with the Siberian Traps Large Igneous Province
Speakers:  Alexander Polozov, H. Svensen, S. Planke, D. Jerram

Talk Title:  The potential of iron oxide U-Pb geochronology—examples from the Olympic Dam IOCG deposit, South Australia
Speakers:  Cristiana Ciobanu, N. Cook, K. Ehrig, B. Wade, V. Kamenetsky

Talk Title:  Volcanosedimentary and chronostratigraphic architecture of the host rock succession at Prominent Hill, South Australia
Speakers:  Stuart Bull, S. Meffre, M. Allen, H. Freeman, M. Tomkinson, P. Williams

Talk Title:  Mineralization and paragenesis of the South Vulcan IOCG prospect, South Australia
Speakers:  Gregory Clarke, G. Davidson, S. Bull, R. Smith, M. Croaker

Theme 7: Iron ore

(Coordinator: Vicky Hough)

Talk Title:  The Fortescue Group basalts: The source of Australia's iron ore?
Speakers:  Alistair White, R. Smith, M. leGras, P. Nadoll

Talk Title:  Hypogene alteration as a precursor to supergene enrichment—a new style of iron ore mineralization in the Pilbara, Western Australia
Speakers:  Matthew Crowe, L. Bargiev, D. Tuck

Talk Title:  An oxygen and carbon isotope study of fluid flow in the high-grade iron ore deposits (>63 wt % Fe) of the southern Hamersley province
Speakers:  Warren Thorne, S. Hagemann

Talk Title:  Inversion of the Ashburton basin margin and structurally controlled hypogene iron ore deposits of the Hamersley basin
Speakers:  Cam Quinn, D. Kepert

Talk Title:  A metallogenic study of high grade iron ores on North Baffin Island in the Granulite Facies domain south of the Central Borden Fault Zone
Speakers:  Jonathan Hey, N. Duke, D. Moser, T. Iannelli

Talk Title:  The structural evolution and hypogene origin of the Nyidinghu iron ore deposit, Hamersley province
Speakers:  Doug Kepert, C. Quinn, C. Fowers

Theme 8: SGA Session on exploration under cover

(Coordinator: Roger Skirrow)

Talk Title:  Complex mineral systems and scale reduction in mineral exploration under cover: Can prospecting drilling bridge the critical gap between camp and deposit scale?
Speakers:  David Giles, R. Hillis, A. Fabris, S. van der Wielen, J. Cleverley, S. Halley

Talk Title:  Crustal architecture and under cover exploration: The Granites-Tanami Orogen example
Speakers:  David Stevenson, L. Iaccheri, L. Bagas, C. McCuaig, A. Aitken

Talk Title:  Using 3D computational modeling to represent deep structures and facilitate ore prediction: An example from Tongling orefield, China
Speakers:  Liangming Liu, W. Cao, J. Wang

Talk Title:  Discovery to evaluation in a mature brownfields terrane: A case history of exploration in the Northparkes district, NSW, Australia
Speakers:  Jonathon Hoye, J. Wellard

Talk Title:  Multiscale detection of buried mineralization through transported cover
Speakers:  Robert Hough, R. Anand

Talk Title:  Lithospheric electrical resistivity heterogeneity: A vector to mineralization
Speakers:  Graham Heinson, P. Soeffky, S. Thiel

Talk Title:  Ongoing discovery in the gold deposits at Dead Bullock Soak, Tanami Orogen, Northern Territory: The emergence of a world-class gold camp
Speakers:  Matthew Baggott, S. Schmeider, J. Prendergast, C. Robinson, P. Sivwright

Theme 9: Mining geology

(Coordinator: Margaretha Scott)

Talk Title:  The impact of collaborative research to the mining value chain
Speakers:  Colin Moorhead, A. Harris

Talk Title:  Applications of UAVs in mining geology and mineral exploration
Speakers:  Steffan A. Vollgger, S. Micklethwaite, A. Cruden

Talk Title:  Exploring for ore
Speaker:  Dan Wood

Talk Title:  Value creation as a guide for advanced exploration at Conchi porphyry copper deposit, Chile: A case study and methodology for integration of technical and economic variables
Speakers:  Aquiles Gonzalez, R. Aguirre, F. Bernal

Talk Title:  Deformation and stratigraphic architecture of the Golden Grove volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits, Western Australia
Speakers:  Anthony Morey, S. Gawlinski, S. Neal, J. Vearncombe, M. Van Heerden, L. Williams, T. King

Talk Title:  Mount Isa Mines: Exploration from a mining perspective
Speaker:  Daniel Taylor

Talk Title:  Challenges of accurately characterizing the ore and host rocks of deep mineral discoveries
Speakers:  Anthony Webster, T. Murphy

Talk Title:  Engineering geology applied to rock mechanics and planning process during cave mining at the El Teniente mine
Speakers:  Andres Brzovic, P. Schachter, J. Seguel, A. Alvarez, K. Baraona