Oral Presentations

Session 2b: Exploration and Ore Deposits of Iran

Chairs: Nilay Gülyüz and Peter Leaman

Geophysical Signature of the Bafq Iron Oxide-Apatite Deposits in Central Iran: Implications for Exploration

Adam Wooldridge, Reza Ravasan, Jon Andrew, Jude King, Gavin Doyle, Ian Basson, Farzad Mahdavi, and Hartwig E. Frimmel  |  adam.wooldridge@xpotential.co.za

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Structural Interpretation of New High-Resolution Aeromagnetic and Radiometric Data in Central Iran

Ian James Basson, Reza Ravasan, Farzad Mahdavi, Yeganeh Hemmati, Mohammad Sabzehparvar, Mehdi Masoodi, Adam Wooldridge, Jon Andrew, Gavin Doyle, and Jude King  |  ianbasson@tect.co.za

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Combining Airborne Geophysical Data with Available Geology and Geochemistry to Identify Prospective Areas for Pb-Zn Mineralization in Central Iran

Reza Ravasan, Adam Wooldridge, Jon Andrew, Hartwig E. Frimmel, Gavin Doyle, Ian Basson, and Farzad Mahdavi  |  ravasan@eagleminingco.com

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Regional Integrated Structural and Alteration Analysis of Magnetic and Infrared Remote Sensing Data from the Kerman Belt, Iran

Anna Fonseca, Aleksandar Mišković, James Siddorn, Sarah Monoury, and Mana Rahimi  |  afonseca@srk.com

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