Oral Presentations

Session 3a: Tethyan Tectonics and Metallogeny

Chairs: Vasilios Melfos and Vertrees Canby

*Presenting author is a student

Constraining Contrasting Styles of Magmatism and Metal Endowment Along the Maronia Magmatic Corridor, NE Greece

Rebecca J. Perkins, Frances J. Cooper, Jonathan Naden, and Daniel J. Condon  |  rebecca.perkins@bristol.ac.uk

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Magmatic and Metallogenic Framework of Au-Cu Porphyry and Polymetallic Carbonate-Hosted Replacement Deposits of the Kassandra Mining District, Northern Greece*

Chris R. Siron, John F.H. Thompson, Tim Baker, Richard Friedman, Pavlos Tsitsanis, Sally Russell, Scott Randall, and Jim Mortensen  |  crsiron@gmail.com

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Post-Subduction Porphyry and Epithermal Gold Systems and Associated Magmatism of the Miocene Anatolian Metallogenic Belt, Turkey*

Fabien Rabayrol, Aleksandar Mišković, and Craig J.R. Hart  |  frabayrol@eos.ubc.ca

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Keynote: Metallogeny of the Lesser Caucasus: From Arc Construction to Post-Collision Evolution

R. Moritz, R. Melkonyan, N. Popkhadze, V. Gugushvili, R. Tayan, and V. Ramazanov  |  robert.moritz@unige.ch

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