Oral Presentations

Session 5: Tethyan Tectonics and Metallogeny

Chairs: Douglas Kirwin and Peter Lewis

Fluid-Fluxed Melting and Mixed Magma Sources: The Origin of Post-collisional Porphyry Cu Deposits in Eastern Gangdese Belt, Southern Tibet

Rui Wang, Roberto F. Weinberg, William J. Collins, and Jeremy P. Richards  |  rui.wang@csiro.au

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Generation of Post-Collisional Porphyry Copper Deposits in Southern Tibet Triggered by Subduction of the Indian Continental Plate

Zhiming Yang, Richard Goldfarb, and Zhaoshan Chang  |  zm.yang@hotmail.com

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Application of Andean and Indonesian Arc Tectonic Models to the Tethys Belt in Iran

Simon Meldrum

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Keynote: Metallogenesis and Tectonic Processes along the Tethyan Mountain Ranges from Oman to Himalaya, Karakoram, Tibet, Burma, Thailand, Malaya

Michael P. Searle, Laurence J. Robb, and Nicholas J. Gardiner  |  mike.searle@earth.ox.ac.uk

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