Oral Presentations

Session 7: Exploration, Discovery and Development in the Tethyan

Chairs: David Hall and Richard Sillitoe

Anatomical Difference Between Spatially and Temporally Associated Porphyry Copper Deposits at Reko Diq H14-H15 Complex, Balochistan-Pakistan

Abdul Razique, Richard Tosdal, and Farhad Bouzari  |  razique.geo@gmail.com

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Timok Cu-Au District, Serbia: A Review of Recent Exploration and Discovery

Dejan I. Koželj, Vertrees M. Canby, and Leon Z. Naftali  |  dejan_kozelj@fmi.com

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Geology, Discovery, and Development of the Ilovica Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposit, Macedonia

Dimitar L. Dimitrov and Patrick Forward  |  d.dimitrov@euromaxresources.com

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The Amulsar "Drive-By" Discovery, Armenia; We Had to Be There for a Reason?

T.J. Coughlin, R.J. Holcombe, and N.H.S. Oliver  |  tim.coughlin@royalroadminerals.com

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Relationship Between Porphyry Copper Systems, Crustal Preservation Levels, and Amount of Exploration in Magmatic Belts of the Central Tethys Region

Lukas Zürcher, Jane M. Hammarstrom, John C. Mars, Stephen D. Ludington, and Michael L. Zientek  |  lzurcher@usgs.gov

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Jiama Cu-Mo Skarn-Porphyry Deposit, Tibet

Ying Lijuan, Tang Juxing, Greg Hall, and Zheng Wenbao  |  biyuntian518@sina.com

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