Technical Program (Preliminary)

    Monday, September 18, 2017

    Opening Ceremony

    Location: CUGB Campus Gymnasium

    08:30 – 09:15

    Opening ceremony

    Co-chairs: Rich Goldfarb, Xuanxue Mo

    Officials: Jun Deng (CUGB), Ziran Zhong (CGS-ML&R), Qiming Peng (China Mining Association)

    09:15 – 09:45

    Future supply of mineral resources

    Lluís Fontboté (SEG Distinguished Lecturer)

    09:45 – 10:00


    10:00 – 11:00

    Exploration success—disruption in the art and science of discovery

    Robert Friedland (Keynote)

    11:00 – 12:00

    Exploration success—some lessons learnt over the past half century

    Richard Sillitoe (Keynote)

    12:00 – 13:30


    *Presenting author is a student

      Session 1 Session 2 Session 3

    Tectonics and Metallogeny of Asia

    Co-Chairs: Noel White, Zengqian Hou

    Location: Geosciences International Conference Centre (2nd floor)

    New Discoveries and Exploration Potential of Asia

    Co-Chairs: Greg Hall, Doug Kirwin

    Location: Geosciences International Hotel (2nd floor)

    Mineral Deposits of Tibet

    Co-Chairs: Zhiming Yang, Yongjun Lu

    Location: Geosciences International Conference Centre (1st floor)

    13:30 – 13:50

    Geodynamic complexities in arc and post-collisional settings of the SW Pacific and China - essential ingredients for porphyry mineralisation

    David Cooke (Keynote)

    Developing a newly discovered gold district in southwestern Mongolia

    Michael MacDonald

    The discovery of sulfide melt inclusions of UST quartz layers in Qulong, Tibet: Implications for the genesis of porphyry Cu deposits

    Huanchun Qu

    13:50 – 14:10

    Temporal-spatial distribution of metallic ore deposits in China and their geodynamic settings

    Jun Deng (Invited)

    Overview of Exploration in Asia—the rising importance of China

    Richard Schodde (Keynote)

    Geology of the Tiegelongnan giant porphyry Cu (Au) deposit near Bangong suture zone, Tibet, China

    Chao Yang *

    14:10 – 14:30

    Evolution of the mineral composition of gold deposits as result of crust-mantle contribution in Earth history

    Nikolay Goryachev (Invited)

    Porphyry copper potential of Asia

    Jane Hammarstrom

    Porphyry Cu deposits in China

    14:10 – 14:50

    Zhiming Yang (Keynote)

    14:30 – 14:50

    Relationship of crustal evolution and collage assembly to metallogenesis of China

    Kezhang Qin

    Comprehensive deep geological-geophysical studies and identification of new world-class resources, northwestern Jiaodong gold province, China

    Zhaokun Wang

    14:50 – 15:10

    The Zealandia-SE China connection: Permian-Cretaceous intrusive rocks and mineralisation

    Robert Smillie

    Geochronological bracketing of hydrothermal events at the newly-discovered Bianjiadayuan porphyry and base metal

    Degao Zhai

    How did magmatic and mineralizing processes in the Gangdese Paleocene-Eocene deposits respond to the India-Asia continental collision?

    Junxing Zhao

    15:10 – 15:30




    15:30 – 15:50

    Paleo-Tethyan anoxia correlated with low porphyry Cu potential

    Jeremy Richards

    New mineral discoveries and porphyry-epithermal exploration potential of Iran

    Ali Sholeh

    Porphyry and epithermal Cu-Au mineralization of the Duolong district, central Tibet

    Jia Sun (Invited)

    15:50 – 16:10

    A long way to run: The Paleozoic-Mesozoic evolution of magmatism, mineralization and structures of Duobaoshan Au-rich porphyry Cu deposit in the eastern section of CAOB

    Chao Zhao *

    Large copper and gold systems of Kazakhstan and Tienshan: Geodynamics and metallogeny revisited

    Reimar Seltmann

    Nano- to micron-particulate gold hosted by magnetite in the giant Beiya gold deposit: A product of gold scavenging by bismuth melts

    Haoyang Zhou *

    16:10 – 16:30

    Recycling of metal-fertilized lower continental crust: Origin of non-arc Au-rich porphyry deposits at cratonic edges

    Zengqian Hou

    The Malmyzh porphyry Cu-Au discovery, Khabarovsk Krai, Far East Russia

    Thomas Bowens

    Porphyry Cu fertility in the Lhasa Terrane, southern Tibet: Insights from terrane-scale whole-rock geochemistry and zircon trace element and Hf-O isotopes

    Yongjun Lu

    16:30 – 16:50

    Subduction slabs in the Altai-East Junggar-Tianshan orogenic collages and their control on metallogeny in the Altaids

    Wenjiao Xiao (Invited)

    Potash in Asia

    Mark Arundell

    Ultrapotassic rocks and xenoliths from South Tibet: Contrasting styles of interaction between lithospheric mantle and asthenosphere during continental collision

    Bo Xu *

    16:50 – 17:10

    Metallogeny of Myanmar through zircons

    Laurence Robb

    Oxidation condition and metal fertility of granitic magmas: Evidence from zircon trace-element data from porphyry Cu deposits in the Central Asian orogenic belt

    Ping Shen

    Evolution of the ore-forming fluids and genesis of Maoniuping REE deposit: Evidence from the Noble Gas Isotopic Compositions

    Yan Liu

    Tuesday, September 19, 2017

    *Presenting author is a student

      Session 4 Session 5 Session 6

    Orogenic Gold Deposits of Asia

    Chair: Noel White

    Location: Geosciences International Conference Centre (2nd floor)

    Structural Geology of Ore Deposits

    Co-Chairs: David Groves, Steve Cox

    Location: Geosciences International Hotel (2nd floor)

    Copper and IOCG deposits of Asia

    Co-Chairs: Lijuan Ying, Huayong Chen

    Location: Geosciences International Conference Centre (1st floor)

    08:30 – 08:50

    Orogenic gold deposits of China

    Rich Goldfarb (Keynote)

    Advances in the understanding of the structural controls on Carlin deposits in Nevada: Implications for Chinese Carlin-like systems

    08:30 – 09:10

    David Rhys (Keynote)

    The role of fluorine on the formation of iron oxide Cu-Au (IOCG) deposits: Insights from in situ XAS experiments and thermodynamic calculations

    Yanlu Xing *

    08:50 – 09:10

    Geology, geochemistry and geochronological constraints on the genesis of newly discovered Katebasu gold deposit, western Tien Shan, Xinjiang, NW China

    Chunji Xue

    Magnetite-apatite ores formed as mushy hydrous Fe-P immiscible magma

    Tong Hou

    09:10 – 09:30

    Forming orogenic gold and base metal deposits via metamorphic devolatilization: Thermodynamic constraints

    Richen Zhong

    The geology of the deformed and dismembered Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell porphyry Cu-Au-Mo district, British Columbia, Canada

    Michelle Campbell *

    Fluid metasomatism of fluorapatite from iron-oxide apatite deposit using in situ elemental and isotopic analysis: A case study from eastern China

    Liping Zeng *

    09:30 – 09:50

    Geology, isotope geochemistry, Ar-Ar and U-Pb geochronology constraints on the genesis of the Liyuan lode gold deposit, northern Shanxi Province, central North China craton

    Ying Ma

    Exploration for orogenic gold deposits: Structural sequence vs. structural geometry

    David Groves

    Formation of the Kiruna-type Vergenoeg iron–fluorine deposit (South Africa) by silicate liquid immiscibility: An experimental study

    Olivier Namur

    09:50 – 10:10

    Two separated Mesozoic molybdenum and gold mineralization events at the Xiaoqinling district, southern margin of North China craton

    Shaorui Zhao *

    Genesis of Nabeba-Cabosse iron deposit, northwestern Republic of Congo

    Chesther Gatse *

    A magmatic flotation model for iron oxide-copper-gold and iron oxide-apatite deposits

    Adam Simon (Invited)

    10:10 – 10:30




    10:30 – 10:50

    Geology, geochemistry and genesis of the Cenozoic Bangbu orogenic gold deposit, southern Tibet, China

    Xiaoming Sun

    Injection-driven failure and the dynamics of fluid migration in intrusion-related hydrothermal systems: Insights from coupled hydro-mechanical modeling

    10:30 – 11:10

    Steve Cox (Invited)

    Contamination of evaporite in the formation of magnetite-apatite deposits in Ningwu district, eastern China: Constraints from tourmaline geochemistry

    Zhikun Su *

    10:50 – 11:10

    The CSH gold mine, Inner Mongolia

    Greg Hall

    Allanite-dominant REE mineralization in the Sin Quyen IOCG deposit, NW Vietnam

    Xiaochun Li

    11:10 – 11:30

    Mineralization process at the Heilan'gou gold deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, China: Constraints from the elemental mappings and in-situ sulfur isotope analysis of pyrite

    Kai Feng *

    Identifying sandstones affected by uraniferous hydrothermal activity using multivariate method and random forest classification, Athabasca Basin, Canada

    Shishi Chen *

    Jurassic-Cretaceous magmatism and mineralization in the Middle-Lower Yangtze River Valley metallogenic belt

    Taofa Zhou (Keynote)

    11:30 – 11:50

    Textural and chemical constraints of pyrites on the formation of gold mineralization at the Zhuangzi deposit, Jiaodong, southeastern North China craton

    Xinghui Li *

    Fluid flow interpretation in fossilised hydrothermal systems using vein measurements from underground photography

    Shawn Hood *

    An integrated genetic model for the Kangdian IOCG deposits, southwest China: Implications for ore genesis of Precambrian IOCG deposits

    Xin-Fu Zhao

    11:50 – 12:10

    The giant Early Cretaceous gold mineralization event related to the North China craton destruction in the Jiaodong Peninsula

    Hong-Rui Fan

    Appearance of smectite and its relation to the Mn-ore deposit of Úrkút, Bakony Mts., Transdanubian Range, Hungary

    Mate Lesko *

    The Paleozoic Fe-Cu mineralization in the eastern Tianshan and Chinese Altay mountain, NW China

    Huayong Chen

    12:10 – 13:30




    *Presenting author is a student

      Session 7 Session 8 Session 9

    Porphyry Provinces of the Western Pacific

    Co-Chairs: John Dilles, Dave Cooke

    Location: Geosciences International Conference Centre (2nd floor)

    REE and Rare Metal Deposits

    Co-Chairs: Yasushi Watanabe, Jingwen Mao

    Location: Geosciences International Hotel (2nd floor)

    Sediment-Hosted Gold Deposits of China

    Co-Chairs: Hong-Rui Fan, Dave Rhys

    Location: Geosciences International Conference Centre (1st floor)

    13:30 – 13:50

    How long does it take to make a giant porphyry copper deposit? Advances in high-precision geochronology and physical process modeling of magmatic-hydrothermal processes

    Chris Heinrich (Keynote)

    Magmatic and hydrothermal Ta-Nb oxides in the marginal pegmatite at the Yichun deposit, SE China

    Mingqian Wu (Invited)

    Sediment-hosted gold deposits in SW China: Current understanding and future trends

    Jian-Wei Li (Keynote)

    13:50 – 14:10

    Formation of a giant Pleistocene porphyry and skarn Cu-Au deposit in 200,000 years: Re-Os and U-Pb evidence from OK Tedi, Papua New Guinea

    Peter Pollard (Invited)

    Phosphate and associated strategic elements: A European perspective

    Sophie Decree

    Sediment-hosted gold deposits; in a class on their own, with examples from central Asia

    13:50 – 14:30

    Ross Large

    14:10 – 14:30

    Platinum-group element geochemistry used to determine Cu and Au fertility at the Northparkes porphyry Cu-Au deposits, Australia

    Hongda Hao *

    Rare earth element deposits in China: Characteristics and ore genesis

    Yuling Xie (Keynote)

    14:30 – 14:50

    Ordovician syn-ore high Sr/Y and pre-ore normal arc igneous rocks of the Tongshan porphyry Cu deposit in eastern part of CAOB

    Xuyong Pang *

    Rare earth element minerals in the Olympic Dam deposit, South Australia: Petrography and compositional variation

    Danielle Schmandt *

    The White Mountain gold deposit, northeastern North China Block: Genesis and relation to late Mesozoic magmatism and extension

    Halley Keevil *

    14:50 – 15:10

    The role of high temperature fluids and melts in the Grasberg porphyry Cu-Au deposit

    Terry Mernagh

    Pan-African tin mineralization events in the Damara orogenic belt, Namibia, SW Africa: Constraints of cassiterite U–Pb dating and trace element fingerprinting

    Rongqing Zhang

    Unconventional sediment-hosted critical element mineralisation—insights from the Far East

    Ian Graham

    15:10 – 15:30




    15:30 – 15:50

    Porphyry copper genesis and zircon geochemistry

    15:30 – 16:10

    John Dilles

    Petrographic, geochemical, and isotopic characteristics of the early Silurian Miaoya syenite-carbonatite complex, central China: Implications for the origin of REE-enriched carbonatite melt

    Jianhui Su

    Sedimentary source for the Nibao sediment-hosted gold deposit in southwestern Guizhou Province, China

    Dongtian Wei

    15:50 – 16:10

    The volcanic-plutonic connection and fertility of highly evolved magma systems: A case study from the Herberton Sn-W-Mo mineral field, Queensland, Australia

    Yanbo Cheng

    Textures and in-situ chemical and isotopic analyses of pyrite, Huijiabao Trend, Youjiang Basin, China: Implications for paragenesis and source of S

    Lin Hou

    16:10 – 16:30

    Constraints of depth on hydrothermal fluid evolution in porphyry deposits

    Wei Mao

    REE+Y transport in hydrothermal fluids: An updated view from in situ XAS measurements

    Joel Brugger

    In-situ sulfur isotope analysis of the sedimentary and magmatic rock hosted gold deposits from the north and south gold belt of the South Qinling orogen: Implication for the source of sulfur and their difference

    Jian Ma *

    16:30 – 16:50

    A role of potassic alteration on Cu mineralization at El Salvador porphyry deposit, Chile

    Yasushi Watanabe

    Geochemistry of mineralizing fluids in the T Zone, Thor Lake rare-metal deposits, Canada: Implications for hydrothermal HFSE mineralization

    Yonggang Feng

    Discovery of the Laogouxi gold deposit, Heilongjiang Province, NE China

    Xinyu (Scott) Song

    16:50 – 17:50

    Genesis of the Taiyangshan porphyry copper deposit, NW China: Insights from quartz cathodoluminescent textures, fluid inclusion assemblage petrography, and trace element geochemistry hydrothermal quartz

    Kunfeng Qiu

    A new ore genesis model for the Jinchuan Ni-Cu-PGE deposit: constraints from the multiple S isotopes and the spatial variation of PGE tenors

    Jun Duan

    Sediment-hosted gold deposits in southeast Asia

    Doug Kirwin (Invited)

    Wednesday, September 20, 2017

    *Presenting author is a student

      Session 10 Session 11 Session 12

    Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE Deposits of Asia

    Co-Chairs: Steve Barnes, Mei-Fu Zhou

    Location: Geosciences International Conference Centre (2nd floor)

    Skarn Deposits—Metal Content and Zonation

    Co-Chairs: Zhaoshan Chang, Dave Lentz

    Location: Geosciences International Hotel (2nd floor)

    Epithermal Gold Deposits of Asia

    Co-Chairs: Ruizhong Hu, Kunfeng Qiu

    Location: Geosciences International Conference Centre (1st floor)

    08:30 – 08:50

    Geochemistry and genesis of magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) and PGE-(Cu)-(Ni) deposits in China

    Yiguan Lu *

    Genesis and exploration for skarn deposits

    Larry Meinert (Keynote)

    The alteration, mineralization and structural evolution of Zijinshan high sulfidation epithermal deposit, Fujian Province, China

    Jing Chen *

    08:50 – 09:10

    Magmatic sulfide deposits: China versus the world

    Chusi Li (Keynote)

    Skarn deposits in China

    08:50 – 09:30

    Zhaoshan Chang

    Epithermal Ag-dominant mineralisation within the Drake Goldfield, Southern New England Orogen, north-eastern New South Wales

    Angela Lay *

    09:10 – 09:30

    Time scales and length scales in magmatic mineral systems

    Steve Barnes

    Zhengguang Au-Zn deposit in the eastern CAOB: The oldest intermediate sulfidation epithermal deposit in the world

    Le Wang *

    09:30 – 09:50

    Exploring north: New types of PGE deposits in the Bushveld Complex

    Marina Yudovskaya (Invited)

    Genesis of skarn zonation and fluid evolution of the gold-copper skarn deposit, Shwe Min Bon area, Kalaw Township, southern Shan State, Myanmar

    Nyein Sint *

    Characteristics of a detachment-hosted epithermal gold deposit – example from Banská Hodruša, Slovakia

    Peter Koděra

    09:50 – 10:10

    Silicate liquid immiscibility and the formation of magmatic Fe-Ti-V-P deposits

    Bernard Charlier (Invited)

    Composition and evolution of fluids forming the Baiyinnuo'er Zn-Pb skarn deposit in NE China

    Qihai Shu

    Mass changes and hydrothermal alteration in the Masara gold district, Compostela Valley, Philippines

    Barbie Ross Villaplaza *

    10:10 – 10:30




    10:30 – 10:50

    Origin of giant Fe-Ti-V oxide deposits hosted in the layered intrusions in the Emeishan large igneous province, SW China

    Christina Wang (Invited)

    Magnetite and epidote textures at chalcobamba Cu-skarn deposit, Las Bambas District, southern Peru

    Merril Garay *

    Veining and mineralization history of Bor porphyry copper—high sulfidation Cu-Au deposit (Serbia)

    Dina Klimentyeva

    10:50 – 11:10

    Critical controls on the formation of contact-style PGE-Ni-Cu mineralisation: Evidence from the Monchegorsk Complex, NW Russia

    Bartosz Karykowski *

    Geochronology and genesis of the Wolfram camp W-Mo-Bi deposit, Queensland, Australia

    Kairan Liu *

    Hyperspectral core scan and application to Zijinshan epithermal high-sulfidation Cu-Au deposit

    Jing Li

    11:10 – 11:30

    Contrasting petrological processes between the Yuanbaoshan and Qingmingshan mafic-ultramafic intrusions in the Neoproterozoic Jiangnan orogenic belt, South China: Implication for Ni exploration in the region

    Hong Zhong *

    Intrusion, skarn and vein paragenesis of the Ferrobamba Cu-Mo porphyry-skarn deposit, Las Bambas porphyry cluster, Peru

    James Cannell

    Hydrothermal fluids in the Kekesayi gold deposit, Altay, China

    Yingwei Wang

    11:30 – 11:50

    The 1.1 Ga Midcontinent Rift of N. America—Passive rather than active rifting and the implications for mantle sources and Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization

    Pete Hollings

    The Watershed scheelite skarn deposit, Far North Queensland, Australia

    Jaime Poblete *

    Miaolong sediment-hosted antimony-gold deposit, Sandu-Danzhai metallogenic belt, Guizhou Province, China: A product of antimony mineralization superimposed by late gold mineralization

    Zhuojun Xie

    11:50 – 12:10

    Silicate liquid immiscibility in the Upper Zone of the Bushveld Complex

    Lennart Fischer

    Overlapping Au-Cu and Zn- Pb-Cu skarns at the Redcap prospect, Chillagoe district, Far North Queensland, Australia

    Peter Illig *

    In-situ element analysis of sphalerite from the Lengshuikeng Ag-Pb-Zn deposit, Jiangxi, China: Implications for ore genesis

    Youqiang Qi

    12:10 – 13:30




    *Presenting author is a student

      Session 13 Session 14 Session 15

    Sediment-Hosted Base Metal and Gold Deposits

    Co-Chairs: Murray Hitzman, Yucai Song

    Location: Geosciences International Conference Centre (2nd floor)

    New Analytical Techniques

    Co-Chairs: Jian-Feng Gao, Chris Heinrich

    Location: Geosciences International Hotel (2nd floor)

    Chinese and Other Deposits

    Co-Chairs: Wenchang Li, Yanjing Chen

    Location: Geosciences International Conference Centre (1st floor)

    13:30 – 13:50

    Evaporites and sediment-hosted Zn-Pb ores in China: A new perspective

    David Leach (Keynote, SGA)

    SIMS techniques and application to refractory gold deposits

    Joe Zhou

    Heavy mineral sands resources and what we know about these deposits in China

    Baohong Hou (Invited)

    13:50 – 14:10

    Hydrothermal fluid origins of carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposits of the Sanjiang thrust belt, Tibet: Indications from noble gases and halogens

    Yingchao Liu

    Developing new stable isotope tools for mineral exploration: Applications and complications

    Shaun Barker (Invited)

    Petrology, chalcophile element (PGE, Se) geochemistry and Sr-Nd-Os-S isotopes of the Neoproterozoic Lengshuiqing magmatic Ni-Cu ore deposits in western margin of Yangtze craton, SW China

    Junhua Yao

    14:10 – 14:30

    Geology and metallogeny of the giant Huoshaoyun zinc-lead deposit, Karakorum Range, northwestern Tibet

    Hao Li *

    The isotopic composition of silver and its variation in silver-bearing ore deposits

    Antonio Arribas

    Geochronological, petrological and geochemical constraints on the origin of the Daxueshan magmatic Ni-Cu deposit in the northern part of the Sibumasu Block, SW China

    Qingfei Wang

    14:30 – 14:50

    Early Cambrian black shales along the margin of the Yangtze Platform and associated mineralization, south China

    Lingang Xu

    Use of portable X-ray diffraction analysis in mineral exploration

    Dane Burkett

    Zn-Pb-Ag mineral systems of southeast Asia and south China—tectonic context and discovery opportunities

    Neal Reynolds

    14:50 – 15:10

    The Patricia ore deposit: An economic Zn-Pb-Ag polymetallic sulfide mineralization in northeastern Chile

    Lorena Ortega

    Answers at the speed of light: Synchrotron solutions for mineral exploration, production, and remediation

    Neil Banerjee

    Relating altered rocks to equivalent protoliths using clustering and classification of geochemical data

    Shawn Hood *

    15:10 – 15:30




    15:30 – 15:50

    Metalliferous (Mo-Ni-V-Zn +/-Au-PGE) black shales in Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei, and Jiangxi provinces, South China, with comparison to global occurrences

    Lingang Xu

    Detrital apatite trace-element compositions: A robust new tool for mineral exploration

    15:30 – 16:10

    Mao Mao

    Biotite geochemical analysis in the Sn-W-Mo-bearing Mt. Douglas leucogranite, southwestern New Brunswick, Canada: Analysis of metallogenic indices

    David Lentz

    15:50 – 16:10

    Timing of oil-gas charging in the paleo-oil-gas reservoir at the Jinding Zn-Pb deposit and ambient P-T conditions: Significance for bacterial sulfate reduction (BSR) and mineralization

    Guoxiang Chi

    Variations in oxygen fugacity and sulfide compositions of the Permian magmatic Ni–Cu deposits in the southern Central Asian orogenic belt

    Yajing Mao

    16:10 – 16:30

    Metal transport by liquid hydrocarbons: Evidence from metal-rich black shales and pyrobitumen veins, Selwyn Basin, Yukon, Canada

    Kyle Henderson *

    Drones (UAV's) in mining and exploration. An application example: Open-pit geology mapping and 3D geological modelling

    Krisztian Szentpeteri

    Using magnetite chemistry to discriminate mineralised from barren porphyry copper systems

    Robert Sievwright *

    16:30 – 16:50

    Geology and mineralization of the world-class Mehdiabad Pb-Zn deposit, central Iran

    Yucai Song

    Random forest classification of pyrite trace element composition to identify ore deposit type in far-field exploration and vectoring

    Ross Large

    Rift shoulder, HREE-enriched, mega-sized deposits in west Texas, USA

    Phillip Goodell

    16:50 – 17:10

    Alteration geochemistry and sulfur isotope insights into metasediment-hosted Cu-Pb (-Zn) mineralization at Halılar area, NW Turkey

    Demet Kiran Yildirim

    Exploration remote sensing; new technologies and trends

    Dan Taranik

    Geology, geochemistry, and hydrothermal evolution of the giant Chalukou high-fluorine porphyry Mo deposit, NE China

    Zhenzhen Li

    Final Panel Wrap Up - Location: TBD
    17:15 – 17:45

    Reflections on what has been presented at the conference and best papers

    Panel Members: Dick Sillitoe, Rich Goldfarb, Kezhang Qin (SEG Regional Vice President, Asia), Marina Yudovskaya (SEG Regional Vice President, North Eurasia)

    Moderator: Larry Meinert